First, Trump Had Macron on the Twitter Ropes. Now He Thinks He Has May in a Brexit Hammerlock.

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When Trump doesn’t have an opportunity to visit Mar-a-Lago on any given weekend, he gets really cranky. He had to keep his promise to French President Macron and Visit Paris during the 100th-anniversary of one of the bloodiest battles during World War I, the weekend of November 9-11. But Trump took what he thought was an uppercut to his real French trip intentions when Macron sort of put the United States in the same threatening category as Russia and China. He felt Macron’s opening political punch. But he wasn’t going to let Macron throw the last political punch.

But Trump slipped up when he decided to hang around Melania and Tweet instead of fulfilling an obligation to American and French citizens. He didn’t go to one of Macron’s main events. And Macron wasn’t feeling Trump rain aversion or his motorcade story. Mr. Trump twitched a little when Macron filleted him during his speech. In that speech, Macron drew a line in the sand. Macron was on the global unity side and Trump nationalism was on the other.

The president left Paris without putting a tweeting fork up Macron’s nose. But it didn’t take him long to let Macron know he’s the champion of low-class comments and inappropriate behavior. Mr. Macron seems to have won the Political battle of Trump on his side of the pond, but in the United States, the country did the two-step. Half the U.S. wanted to see Trump go “all-tweeting in” on his former French political poodle. And the other half wanted Trump to stay in his hotel until it was time to leave France. That half of the country knows a little Trump can cause serious side effects. And a lot of Trump can cause a sudden loss of reality.

The president gave Macron some serious Trumpism to chew on, but he wasn’t that gracious when British Prime Minister Theresa May called to congratulated him midterm election victories. May said nothing about Trump’s thrashing in the house.

Trump phone-jumped her like a tick on a bloodhound. So she stopped talking and listened. Trump told her she should have had his back when he cut Iran off from the United States banking industry. He also told May he was sick of giving the United Kingdom the best end of their trading deals. Trump told Macron the same thing.

But when Trump started in on May about Brexit, the Prime Minister knew she made a mistake. Calling Donald Trump for any reason can be hazardous to your sanity. The American media told her that on her last U.S. visit.

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