The Democrats Finally Control the House. What’s Their First Congressional Move Going to Be?

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The 2018 midterm election gave the Democrats an early Christmas gift. They now hold the keys to Congress. The kisses, smiles, pats on the back, and the handshakes were non-stop after the news hit Democrats across the country. After two years of Trumpian political madness, the Democrats can finally fight back. They have the ability to slowdown Trump’s agenda and most Democrats what that slowdown to happen sooner than later.

The Democrats want to make accountability and transparency their main objective. Obviously, the Democrats feel Trump is not transparent, and he doesn’t like to be accountable for anything unless it is a campaign promise he almost fulfilled. But the Democratic Congress will push for investigations into Trump’s business dealings and business associations, as well as his tax returns, and his connections with Russia, according to Washington insiders. But the first order of business, according to the leaders of the Democratic Party, will be a legislative effort to reform campaign financing, voting rights, and ethical accountability. The new bill is still in the planning stage, but the Democrats will introduce it at the beginning of 2019.

The Democratic Congress will also want to address the exorbitant prescription drug pricing debacle as well as infrastructure issues. Most of those issues should have bipartisan cooperation, but the wild card in that assumption is President Trump.

Mr. Trump gave the Democrats several new names during the first two years of his presidency. Trump blamed the Democrats for the immigration issues, and he blames Obama and Hillary Clinton for all the things he considers wrong for America. There’s no doubt. Trump’s photo is hanging in a restroom somewhere on Capitol Hill on a “Most Wanted” sign. The Mueller investigation should be coming to an end, and when it does, the Democrats will investigate all things, Trump. And that includes how he ties his shoes in the morning.

The Democrats want accountability from Trump because that’s what the voters want. They can turn political tables in Washington, but the Democrats have to be careful what tables they turn. Some Democrats say they want to show America Trump’s true colors, but they want to do that with restraint. The last thing the Democrats need is botched investigations that bear no real Trumpian fruit., Trump’s a hard nut to crack, and he’s the kind of nut that fights back and that’s never pretty.

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