Has Bill Clinton Lost His Political Star Power?

Bill Clinton, Political Star Power

Former President Bill Clinton was a powerbroker in the Democratic Party for years. Clinton had it all. He was a governor in a state that loved him even though the good-looking politician had roving eyes. In fact, his roving eyes were okay back when the people of Arkansas thought Clinton was a golden-haired Rhodes Scholar who could do no wrong. Clinton became the Democratic Party’s Jack Kennedy back in the 1990s.

Washington wasn’t ready for Bill Clinton when he took office. The power brokers in Washington didn’t know Bill had a problem being presidential when he was around attractive women. Clinton turned into a Jack Kennedy womanizer, but Clinton took Kennedy womanizing to another level. His affair with Monica Lewinsky is still a topic of conversation in political circles.

Hillary Clinton stayed the matrimonial course while Bill tried to overcome his weakness. Hillary decided she was a bankable commodity in Washington. So she carved a road to the White House for herself in the 2000s. Hillary had it all in the eyes of millions of voting women. She was bright, inquisitive, politically savvy, and she didn’t let Bill’s bad behavior stop her from reaching her goal. It took Donald Trump and the Russians to bring Hillary down. And when she fell, she fell hard.

The rumors about the Clinton Foundation received more than $90 million in donation and only using about $5 million to help worthwhile causes wasn’t one of the Clintons smartest political moves. The Clintons took $34 million in salaries, and they reported expenses that rival the Saudi king’s expenses.

Bill’s past indiscretions and Hillary’s recent defense of those indiscretions proved to be too much for the Democratic powerbrokers. Bill’s charming aura has karma written all over it, and that karma really took shape this year. Clinton’s rock star political status lost its luster. No Democratic candidate wants to have their picture taken with Bill Clinton. And the Democratic Party wants Hillary to be a stay-at-home grandmother.

The Democratic Party doesn’t want Bill or Hillary campaigning this year or next year. But the Clinton’s still believe they have the celebrity factor to do a road tour in 2019. The Clintons want to talk about current events and political issues. But the real reason, according to some news reports, is Hillary wants to run for president in 2020. Bill is standing by her. That’s his job now. The Democrats want the Clintons to stand by each other, but they want them to do that in private, not on the campaign trail.

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