Trump’s Personal Dining Room Has Man Cave Tendencies. You Can Tell By The Artwork.

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Leslie Stahl went toe-to-toe with Donald Trump on her 60 Minute segment. Trump’s hair on the back of his neck stood at attention like a Rottweiler ready to pounce on a Shih Tzu. After each left hook questions Leslie threw at his fully ripe ego you could see him bulk up. But Trump had the advantage. He reminded Stahl he was president. It almost sounded like Mr. Trump was getting ready to take his nationalistic bat and his xenophobic ball, and head back to that spot in his personal dining room where he can chill. He seemed chill while he was standing next to the painting of “The Republican Club,” by Andy Thomas. The painting is a souvenir shop favorite. Thomas still has the original. Trump has a quality laser print.

Thomas’s painting depicts a fit-looking Donald Trump sitting at a table with Abe Lincoln, George H. and George W. Bush, Teddy Roosevelt, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Dwight Eisenhower, and Gerald Ford. The artist made all the presidents look fit in his painting, but the smile on Trump’s face is more of a smug “Wait till you see what I do next,” kind of smile. Jimmy Kimmel called the painting the new gold standard in narcissism.

The Coco-Cola people were jumping up and down thanks to Trump’s Diet Coke on the rocks sitting by his left arm. Most of the other presidents look like they were hitting the hard stuff. But no one can blame them for that. According to some spiritual Democrats, Andy Thomas might have channeled the consciousness of those presidents while he painted that scene. The Democrats think those eight presidents told Andy they had to look happy drunk to be in a painting with Donald Trump.

Even though the 60 Minutes interview was what some anti-Trump people call a last-ditch effort to covert Trump voters to Republican voters, it did show viewers how skillful Mr. Trump is at deflecting questions and answering with some Trumpian praise about his achievements. But his achievements are not as strong as he says they are. Just ask the Iowa soybean and corn farmers how happy they are that Brazil is taking away their China business because of the tariffs.

According to recent national polling numbers, the Democrats may take the keys to House back. If that happens, Trump may be spending a lot more time in his personal dining room standing in front of a victorious looking Donald Trump holding court for the grand men of the Republican Party. You never know. Trump may stand in front of that painting when he’s alone in an Elvis jumpsuit and a cap just to show those presidents who the real king looks like.

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