Trump The Political Troll Is Pushing The Envelope Of Sanity During His Midterm Campaign Speeches

Politics, President D. Trump

Most Americans are sure of one thing. Donald Trump will turn a blind eye to the truth in order to make himself look good. Even when he’s campaigning for a Republican candidate during the midterm election race, he’s still patting himself on the back for doing an incredible job as president. When he does give himself an extra dose of praise, his constituents cheer and applaud. Trump is the yellow-haired political troll who turns into a Bergen who eats Democratic trolls and spits them out when he’s in front of a crowd.

Make no mistake. Mr. Trump knows what he’s doing when he throws the #MeToo movement under the bus, and when he throws salt in the wounds of the Democrats he fears. Every false statement, every lie, and every half-truth are calculated lines from his unscripted political reality show. Trump knows if he tells his lies with enough conviction, and with enough New York developer snake oil, his loyal followers will rise up and bring him the heads of his perceived enemies. His perceived enemies are the people who think America stands for equality, freedom, compassion, and justice.

Mr. Trump wants to keep his reality show intact after the November midterm election. He believes he has enough unethical energy in him to win Senate and House seats even though popular opinion is hanging around his neck like an albatross. The Kavanaugh confirmation debacle gave him the political ammunition he needs when he visits one state after another. He loves these road shows. They give him the power he needs to fool himself into thinking people believe he’s done more for the country than any president before him. That kind of thinking process gives him the energy he needs to lie more and then call those lies, truths.

The Republican Party drenches itself in Trump’s fury while Trump tries to establish his own monarchical democracy. His wild democracy reeks with a mob-like lynch laws that target those who dare question his wisdom and his ability to be great. Trump likes political trolling, according to the Washington Post. It gives him the recognition he needs to press on even though he’s running on empty.

No one is sure how the midterm elections will turn out. But Mr. Trump knows he’ll come out a winner. He’s always a winner in his distorted version of reality.

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