Trump Gives Stormy Daniels A Nasty Nickname And He Thinks It’s A Great Political Move

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Donald Trump isn’t afraid to use high school antics to abuse his enemies. He likes to give people who are not members of the Trump Movement unbecoming names in order to intimidate and belittle them. He gave Senator Elizabeth Warren the name “Pocahontas” after she claimed she had native American blood running through her veins. Mr. Trump thought branding Warren would fire up his voting base, and he was right.

When North Korea was testing their nuclear program, Trump called Kim Jon Un “Little Rocket Man.” Trump threatened to blow North Korea off the face off the Earth if Kim didn’t stop playing with his rockets. Branding the North Korean leader gave Trump the tools he needed to meet Kim and befriend him, according to several news reports. Trump believes he stopped the threat of a war with North Korea by showing Kim he could eat a little Kimchi and joke about the label Trump put on the dictator. Kim laughed in public, but some news reports say Kim is playing along with Trump until he’s ready to show Trump how angry and powerful he is.

The latest Trump nickname went to Stormy Daniels, the adult film star who claims she had an affair with the president in 2006. Trump denies the affair, but to solidify his power with his supporters he gave Daniels an image that will stick to her like super glue for the rest of her life. Trump called Daniels “Horseface” in a tweet, and his supporters gave him an A+ for his crude originality. Before Trump sent that tweet, he asked friends and aides what they thought of his latest bullying tactic. His friends thought the Horseface moniker would give Trump the edge in his legal fight with Daniels so Trump sent the tweet.

The fact that Mr. Trump thinks belittling and trying to embarrass his enemies gives him more political power is the true sign of a modern dictator. A dictator willing to scrape the bottom of the ethics barrel to show his psychopathic superiority, according to a Reuters article and an article in the Daily Beast. Name calling may work in Hollywood, but in Washington, it is a sign of fear. It shows a lack of restraint, a pension for recklessness, and a serious case of mental adolescent. Mr. Trump may believe his name calling energizes his base, but it turns the other 60 percent of the voters into bounty hunters who want to see Mr. Trump pack up and head back to New York.

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