Republican Senator Susan Collins Has A Political Target On Her Back

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Susan Collins, the Senator from Maine, spent a lot of time reading Brett Kavanaugh’s legal decisions. Collins thought Kavanaugh’s reputation as an unbiased judge came through in his legal decisions and his government service. Judge Kavanaugh is a Washington insider with influential friends. So when Dr. Christine Blasey Ford accused Kavanaugh of assaulting her, Collins thought Ford was a Democratic pawn trying to derail Kavanaugh’s chance to become the next Supreme Court Justice. Senator Collins called Kavanaugh, and during that one-on-one conversation, she felt Kavanaugh’s sincerity when he denied knowing Ford. Kavanaugh told Collins he assaulted no one and she believed him.

But during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, she briefly changed her mind. Ford was a credible witness. But Collins also thought Ford didn’t have enough concrete evidence to back up her claim Kavanaugh assaulted her. Ford couldn’t say when, or where the assault happened. The lack of concrete information forced Collins to vote to confirm Kavanaugh’s nomination. According to the Senator, she believed Kavanaugh’s story. Her yes vote sent a political bolt of lightning through the country. That political lightning bolt energized the voters who believe Kavanaugh is not fit to be a Supreme Court Justice. And those voters made Susan Collins a target in the 2020 election.

In her Senate speech, Collins blamed the Democrats for the Kavanaugh debacle. And even though she is a Trump criticizer, she got on the Trump bandwagon and backed Kavanaugh’s testimony. Collins told reporters Kavanaugh deserves to be a Supreme Court Justice, and she put her political career on the chopping block to prove it.

Liberal groups, as well as women’s rights proponents, say Collins ignored many of the signs that Kavanaugh displayed during the Judiciary Committee’s hearing. Those groups think Kavanaugh will try to make Roe vs. Wade null and void, even though Kavanaugh claimed that won’t happen. One of Trump campaign promises was to put judges on the Supreme Court who will overturn that monumental decision. Trump fought hard and played dirty enough to get Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court so that campaign promise will become a reality. And Senator Susan Collins gave him the support he needed to make that happen even though it may end her twenty-two-year political career. But Senator Collins is not apologizing for the way she voted, even though she needs a security team to protect her when she is out in public.

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