Paul Manafort And His Lawyers Visited Mueller’s Office Nine Times In The Last Four Weeks


Paul Manafort and Donald Trump come from the same business mold. Manafort made his fortune wheeling and dealing in true bottom-feeder fashion. He took advantage of every opportunity to fly under the radar in order to put together nefarious business deals that reeked of improprieties. The same is true about Donald Trump, according to several news reports.

Donald Trump’s reputation as a New York real estate developer and businessman doesn’t live up to the image he likes to project. Trump got to the top of the real estate development industry by being slick, uncompassionate, and lethal. Manafort has the same reputation. The only difference between the two men now is Manafort has jail time in his future. Manafort is on a mission to cut a deal in order to shorten his incarceration time.

Manafort pleaded guilty to two federal charges, and he agreed to cooperate with the Mueller investigation. According to news reports, Manafort has inside information about Trump’s campaign tactics. Some reports say those tactics crossed the line of campaign rules as well as the rules that govern ethical and moral behavior.

Mueller and his investigating team want to know more about what Roger Stone knew before WikiLeaks released Hillary Clinton’s emails. Stone was one of Trump’s campaign advisors, and he and Manafort were business partners. The word on the street is Stone knew the Russians hacked Clinton’s email, and he knew WikiLeaks was going to release that information at just the right time.

Mr. Stone made public comments about his relationship with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and the possible release of the Clinton emails when the campaign was in progress. But in August, Stone denied he had any knowledge of the Clinton emails. But that didn’t stop him from sending an email to his supporters claiming Mueller might bring charges against him.

The Mueller investigation isn’t over even though a Washington Post article indicated Mueller might share his findings after the midterm elections. If Manafort throws Roger Stone under Mueller’s bus, that would mean another high ranking member of the Trump campaign broke the law. The next name that might come up and out of the Mueller investigation is Donald Trump Jr., according to some media reports.

Trump Jr. may be one of Mueller’s prime targets in his quest to prove collusion with the Russians. Trump Jr. put together the now famous Trump Tower meeting with the Russian lawyer.

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