New Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh Has an All-Female Staff

Brett Kavanaugh, Supreme Court Justice

Brett Kavanaugh will go down in history as the man who changed the course of American politics. His confirmation hearing left no doubt in the minds of American voters. American voters now know that lawmakers are a bunch of bigoted, narrow-minded, oligarchs that have no respect for the will of the people, according to the millions of Americans. The Senate has its own agenda, and when their agenda conflicts with the agenda of most Americans, they ignore their constituents and push their agenda regardless of the blowback they face. Lawmakers feel immortal while they serve. They become the land barons of ancient times who threw a few crumbs to the peasants who make their lives so special.

The Senate finally revealed itself thanks to Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. The Senate is not a haven for the open-minded and the just. Justice, in the eyes of American Senators, is a combination of half-truths, misconceptions, and blatant lies. And Kavanaugh mimics those sleazy qualities by hiring an all-female staff, according to his opponents. Justice Kavanaugh is taking a piece out of the Senators handbook by putting up camouflage that hides his real agenda.

Kavanaugh claims his female law clerks say he is a strong advocate for women lawyers in the federal judicial system. And he said the legal profession and system is better because he sent more women law clerks to the Supreme Court than other judges. According to the New Supreme Court Justice, he is a strong advocate of women’s rights. Kavanaugh claims that’s how some people describe him when they talk or write about him.

Justice Kavanaugh uses the same camouflage the Senators use when they get caught being who they really are in public. They try to hide their bigotry and their anger by throwing pieces of justice and half-hearted promises to the public so the public forgets who the real person is behind those titles and entitlements.

This is a time when all the camouflage is wearing thin. It doesn’t work the way it did when people believed the justice and the legal systems were working for the people. But now that people know people like Justice Kavanaugh, and the old Senators who want to make a comfortable place for themselves in American history believe just is equal; not equal is just, things will change faster and with more conviction in the future.

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