Is Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg Sending Trump a Message by Becoming a Democrat?

Michael Bloomberg, Politics

Michael Rubens Bloomberg, the man worth a reported $51.8 billion, is making moves that feel like the makings of a campaign to challenge Donald Trump. If Donald Trump is the Republican candidate in 2020. Bloomberg and Trump are New Yorkers with different pedigrees. Bloomberg was an investment banker with Harvard Business School degrees to back him up. Trump’s Penn’s degrees are a few steps down the Ivy League’s egotistical step-ladder.

Bloomberg is a former Mayor of New York City so he’s familiar with Trump’s thinking process. Mr. Bloomberg is one of those activist philanthropists, while other’s people say, Trump has a hard time saying the word. Bloomberg is worth a cool $51.8 billion at last count. No one is sure what Trump net worth is, but he’s no match for Bloomberg; the 8th richest person in the United States.

But when it comes to politics, Michael Bloomberg may go do in the political history books as the politician who switched political parties the most during his voting career. He switched his vote from Republican to Democrat, and the press wants to know if he’s going to jump back into the political arena. Bloomberg posted a message on his media sites that said: “The Democrats need to get in the game.” They need to get in the game to protect our constitution from the people who threaten it. Even though Bloomberg was a Republican, and an Independent, at different times in his life, he’s been a Democrat longer.

The press thinks Mr. Bloomberg is making a serious move right before the election. They say he wants to show Mr. Trump there is a segment of the Republican Party that wants to move the country forward instead of spreading fear, building walls, and wearing Nationalistic symbols.

According to Bernie Sanders, the independent senator who votes Democrat, the party needs to change its direction in terms of the mission. And Michael Bloomberg may be the man who can blend all factions of the Democratic Party and create a new Party that listens to the people. People know what Trump’s message is.

According to his political enemies, he’s the best snake oil salesman since P. T. Barnum, and he’s the epitome of political debauchery. Bloomberg’s message and the message of his party may light a fire within the masses if they look inside themselves before they accept the challenge to lead. Bloomberg’s friends and business associates say he understands that concept.

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