Is the FBI Report on Kavanaugh as Flawed as the Clarence Thomas FBI Report

Brett Kavanaugh, FBI

Anita Hill went through her #MeToo moment twenty-seven years ago. She came away from the Senate hearings wishing the reality of that three-ring circus was just a dream. But it wasn’t. She accused Judge Clarence Thomas of inappropriate behavior, and the Senate thought she was lying. Thomas was on track to become a Supreme Court Justice. The FBI investigated Hill’s claims, but FBI agents never questioned witnesses who could confirm what Hill described. Four witnesses had knowledge of Thomas’s behavior toward Hill, but they never got to express that information.

According to a Wall Street Journal article, the FBI never asked Hill pertinent questions. And they even pulled a “no-show” for her second FBI interview. And when the final FBI report came out, the FBI misquoted Hill’s comments. When the Republican Senators read the FBI report, they used it to discredit her. Judge Thomas got a free pass to the Supreme Court, and Hill went back to being a law professor in Oklahoma.

Hill didn’t share the Judge’s obscene behavior with anyone while it was happening. Just like Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, she didn’t want to blow the lid off her story in front of the country. But the rumors about Thomas spread to the Senate Judiciary Committee, and a staffer contacted Hill. Instead of investigating the rumors, Senate Judiciary Chairman Joe Biden sent the FBI to Hill’s house. Biden thought the FBI would get to the bottom of the allegations against Thomas. Hill changed her mind, and she gave the committee more than an ear-full about Judge Thomas, but her testimony didn’t matter. The Senators had blinders as well as earmuffs on when it came to believing Anita Hill. Hill later said the FBI investigation was a feeble attempt to get the facts about the real Judge Thomas.

Dr. Ford’s allegations against Brett Kavanaugh aren’t the allegations that Hill presented against Judge Thomas. Her allegations were not teenage memories like Dr. Ford’s allegations. And Dr. Ford couldn’t explain the important details of the attack the way Anita Hill did. But she felt an FBI investigation would fill in her memory gaps so she could get more specific.

Dr. Ford never got a call from the FBI. The FBI investigation is now in the hands of lawmakers. President Trump and the Republicans are hell-bent on confirming Kavanaugh. It looks like whatever the FBI report says will not be enough to keep Republicans from doing to Dr. Ford what they did to Anita Hill.

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