Democrats Want To Vote Out Scott Walker

Democrats, Scott Walker

Scott Walker is the Governor of Wisconsin who is seeking another term, and Democrats are trying to stop him. He is a highly controversial figure who has caused a lot of discord in the state. He has even been the target of a recall election which he won (the first politician in American history for whom this is the case). However, Scott Walker appears to be in more electoral trouble than he ever has been before as his election date draws near.

Democrats are pouring money into the state to try to replace Scott Walker with one of their own according to Politico. It hasn’t just been the story of money coming into the state that is making headlines through. There is also the fact that prominent Democrats such as Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, and even former President Barack Obama have all come to the state to rally supporters.

The former President stated that the character of the entire country was on the ballot in this November election. He stood in front of an audience of around three-thousand five hundred people at a local high school and urged them to get out and vote.

There is a suggest that this race could be among the closest in the entire country. There is going to be some stiff competition for that title from other races in Georgia and Florida as well, but the bottom line is that most do expect this race to be close no matter what.

Having a lot of Democratic firepower in one state like this points to the fact that this is a place that is critically important to Democrats in this election cycle. They don’t just send their top surrogates into places like that if they are not deadly serious about winning people over. That is what has happened this year in Wisconsin, and it is spreading to other states as well.

Defeating Scott Walker would be a major scalp for Democrats who are looking to turn the tide in Governor’s mansions across the country. Their odds look pretty good in a number of states right now, and they would very much like to add Wisconsin to that list as it is one of the battleground states in Presidential years. Keep an eye on this race as well as other important ones in Florida and Georgia as a key indicator of just how strong Democratic support is going into 2020.

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