Can the FBI Get to the Bottom of the Kavanaugh Confirmation Debacle?

Brett Kavanaugh

According to ancient Chinese sages, truth is a vacillating concept. They say truth is subjective; it appears one way when a person is accused, and it appears another way when the accuser has to substantiate their truth. Truth and all its entanglements were on display at the Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearing recently. Judge Kavanaugh told his truth about his life back in 1982. And Dr. Christine Blasey Ford told her truth about her life that year. Dr. Ford claims Judge Kavanaugh was an out-of-control drunk at one teenage gathering that year. She claims she was the victim of his drunken teenage sexual appetite. Fortunately, Dr. Ford was able to break free from Kavanaugh, according to her sworn testimony, but the trauma Kavanaugh inflicted on Ford changed her forever.

Kavanaugh claims Dr. Ford’s truth never happened. Kavanaugh claims he didn’t do the things Dr. Ford swore were true. But according to the Republican members of the committee Judge Kavanaugh’s truth was truer. The vacillating truths in that committee meeting butted heads, and the nation is taking sides. Some people believe Kavanaugh is the picture of a Supreme Court justice, so he must be telling the truth. Others believe Dr. Ford had nothing to gain by telling her truth. She was doing her civic duty. She reported an incident that changed her life, but it also changed Kavanaugh’s life. Kavanaugh and Ford will never be the same again.

President Trump decided to change his mind and call for a limited FBI investigation, so the world can know what the real truth in this matter looks like. Trump put restrictions on the FBI investigation. And that’s the reason some lawmakers say the investigation won’t get to the bottom of the real truth. In fact, the real truth, in the eyes of the country, will still be a vacillating truth because Americans have a different perception of the truth in this matter. Kavanaugh and Ford are believable. So the FBI investigation is more about breaking down Kavanaugh’s and Ford’s believability, according to a Washington Post editorial.

One question is, will Kavanaugh’s supporters stay the course if the FBI undercovers the dirt that some of his friends say he’s hiding under his Church-going demeanor? And another question is, will the FBI find enough proof that Ford’s truthful memory about that life-changing day really happened as she remembers it happening. The FBI has only a week to cut through both Kavanaugh and Ford’s truth and find the real truth. But few expect that to happen because even when it is under oath it changes.

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