Things to Look out for During the Women’s Super League Season.

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The previous season champions, Chelsea, are eyeing to retain the title again this season. However, they will be having stiff competition from Arsenal and Manchester City. City women came number two in the previous season. Just like Chelsea, they also reached the Champions League semi-finals. Since then, Manchester City has gone back to the drawing board to identify where they went wrong in the past season. The team is determined to make significant strides towards this season’s title. Emma Haye said that their issue was probably squad depth. The Chelsea manager is ever focused. Captain Katie Chapman noted that their manager always has a winning heart and she is prepared to win everything this season. Katie said that she has already buckled up for the new campaign. Chelsea captain Katie retired at the beginning of the season. Chapman noted that last season, Manchester City had been on a high pace and they gave everyone sleepless nights.

The City women’s team has also brought in new players, but Chapman doesn’t believe that they have improved enough to grab the title. Their London colleagues Arsenal have ventured into a new season under a new coach, Joe Montemurro. They also made solid signings, and if they concentrate and blend and be a unit, they will be good contenders. The Women’s Super League will be filled with big talents. Lauren Hemp, who plays for England’s youth, had impressed a lot as she performed for Bristol in the previous season. After making a move to Manchester City, the team believes that she will make a major impact on the team’s success. Manchester City also signed Tessa Wullaert, the Belgian striker. Tessa was a runner-up in the concluded Champions league as she played for Wolfsburg last season. The striker is well experienced, and she will be a big asset if they want to thrive in this season. Another new arrival is Tabea Kemme, a German defender. She is a unique asset who joined Arsenal.

Just like the men’s team, Arsenal women’s have decided to play a less defensive game this season. Despite the change, the team did it right last season. Liverpool has experienced a massive turnover of players. However, everyone will be focusing to see what Neil Redfearn will have in store as the new Women’s manager. Neil joined Liverpool from Doncaster. Probably, the Liverpool players will catch up with the new tactics and adapt to the new coach.

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