Taiwan Accused by China for Using Students in Undercover Activities

Taiwan Intelligence Organizations

Two-facedness is the newest accusation that Taipei has got from China. The claims come as Taipei probes possible spying by Beijing. Taiwan intelligence organizations embattle mainland scholars. This is according to Chinese government that has called for investigations. The allegations about spying were first brought up on Saturday with more outlets about the headlines following on Sunday as well as on Monday. The China Central Television made the first accusations while others were made by Global Times that is owned by the communist party official newspaper. The allegations Taiwan faces include the backdated report of 2011, where not only the students were used but also a driver for a travel organization and hotel staffs were directed to provide info.

The accusations are timely for Taiwan that is heading for a local ballot vote in November to consider responses to the administration of the current President Tsai Ing-Wen. The new allegations made on Monday come as reinforcement to the already existing battle where the communist government of China claims being part of a territory of which it has never ruled. Increase in the military actions in the island, and poaching Taiwan remaining allies near the Taiwanese airspace or waters, are some witnessed pressure exerted by Tsai since becoming the president. As a result, Beijing reacts hostile to the president and its cynical ties with China.

Moreover, apart from the consolidation of the interior regulatory necessities, China persistently stretched intelligence undertakings away from its precincts. As such, Taiwan is ready to create a more aggressive influence on cross-sound relation incase china refuses to strap itself from the popular crag. The battle has lasted for over seven decades where Beijing wants to captivate Taiwan. Chiang Kai-shek and his nationalist government fled immediately after the lost Chinese civil conflict. However, the administration since then has not relinquished the use of potency to win Taiwan. With this, not many Taiwanese people want the amalgamation with China to make the two nations one just like Hong Kong. The unification has witnessed grind down of independence by the central administration in Beijing.

According to global times, the number of the dispatched undercover agent has increased due to the existence of Taiwan self-governing forces. The activities of the armies have to turn out being frequent as well as arrogant in the mainland. Thus, the enmity situation between Taiwan and China has worsened and the anti-surveillance activities grueling. Taipei faces more attack from the Medias in China with the declaration that Beijing will head to war over the island, due to the strengthened relationship between Trump and Taipei.

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