How Social Media Became the Cause of Culture Conflicts

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People with different ideas, cultures, and political views may always disagree on many things leading to culture conflicts. In Washington, politicians are after the companies managing various social media platforms. Most of them say that the companies intrude into people’s privacy. There are those who also say that they are harassed online. However, some say that the worst thing that they face in America is suppression of what they do online. Suppression of people’s ideas and their online ventures has become a major issue in politics. Alex Jones, a major social media figure, had his twitter account censored. He did not take it so well. He thought the plan was to bar him from expressing himself online and not because he went against twitters terms and conditions.

Censorship of various social media platforms is one of the major issues that the politicians discuss during meetings with the technology companies. The President of the U.S fully supports this issue. Censorship started in 2016. This was after Gizmodo wrote a story about how Facebook had made major changes on their platform. One week after the story came out, Mark Zuckerberg had a meeting with Twitter CEO, and they interviewed Sean Hannity on suppression of Alex Jones’ access to online services. In 2017, James Damore, an engineer at Google, claimed that the gender issues in the company are due to biological differences. The company’s CEO was not pleased with what Damore said and he fired him.

In the recent past, Donald Trump has talked about how he is not pleased with his search results on Google. Donald accused Google of not supporting him as they supported Obama. He went ahead and tweeted about Diamond, Silk, and his support for them. Diamond and Silk claimed that they could not access Facebook, a claim that the analytics disapproved. Trump Jr. has made several false claims that Twitter suppressed tweets.

The government decides to regulate major social media companies soon. Mark Warner has warned the company of the regulation. Jeff Sessions plans to investigate the matter. Lawmakers believe that these regulations will be of great help. Though there is no concrete evidence of censorship, institutional Republicans have shown support for this issue. When Trump talked about his displeasure with Google, Kevin McCarthy and Ronna McDaniel retweeted the post showing their support. McDaniel went ahead and tweeted saying that the companies owe the public a fair ground. This means that they should not take sides.

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