Digital Marketing in the Healthcare Industry

Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing Industry, Healthcare Industry

Prevention and detection of disease lies in the future of marketing campaigns in the health care industry. Social media platforms play a crucial role in voting trends during elections. India, for instance, has the highest market for Facebook with over 270 million users. Bangalore and Delhi are among the top 10 cities with Facebook users. India is ranked 3rd and 7th on Twitter users. This extensive reach shows the impact and ability of the social media platforms in reaching vast masses of people. Manufacturing industries have adapted to this digital marketing strategies and are using relevant social media platforms for interaction. Sectors such as Banking, FMCG, Retail and Real Estate, together with financial services have adopted the use of social media in their business. It has helped them widely in the engagement with customers and advertisements to a large number of people.

Conservative sectors like health care and the pharmaceutical industry now need to adapt to this digital marketing trend to be competitive in the market. A recent survey on patients known as ‘’Social Network to improve Patient Healthcare’ ‘by The England Journal of Medicine, showed that 99% of respondents agreed that social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are useful in the delivery of health care services. About 85% of respondents made a confirmation of using the various social media platforms for the management of chronic diseases and 78% preferred the use of the platform for healthy diet trends and weight loss. India has almost the same trends ranging from women who get IVF treatment to those suffering from chest disease. These patients look for information on the social media platforms. In the last 12 months, data from Google analytics show that there were about 1,320,000 searches on Google for ‘’Diabetes’’. It is approximately a million plus potential patients who are engaged in the conversations by pharmaceutical companies.

A new approach shaped towards marketing and partner entities who provide integrated communication of advocacy, advertising PR, Brand Strategy and Events aimed at growing the Digital landscape should be made. An increase in phone usage creates a broad potential for healthcare users whereby they can access this services using their mobile phones. It is up to the professionals to create exciting conversations that are relevant in the field to ensure their patients get the best response they need related to their health issues. Reputation management is, however, vital in this platform, whereby a bad reputation can be quickly spread over the platforms and ruin one’s image.

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