Academic Minute

Academic Minute

The Academic Minute is comprised of professors from leading institutions country wide. It aims at tackling topics ranging from simple to complex ones with captivating facts, and those of current issues. Scientific research and explanations on how Monopoly can help in addressing academic recession are also highlighted. This is the hard work of Albany and Alan Chartock of WAMC. It features different professors who on a daily basis pull experts from institutions within the WAMC listening area and country wide. Lynn Pasquerella, the Association of American Colleges and Universities president, introduces each segment. She is also the former head, president and chairperson of Mount Holyoke College.

Technology in classrooms continues to get better with time. SUNY New Paltz Kiersten Greene shows the failure of teachers not getting taught to use the new device according to today’s Academic Minute. It can also provide a big advantage in people’s health. Bentley University’s Fred Ledley investigates on how research can be a crucial step in discovery of new medicine.

The Academic Minute shows us that the basis surrounding revolution may not only be used for baseball but as well as ballpark. This is according to Sister Marcella Wallowicz of the Holy Family University. It also focuses on archived data whereby it tends to explain its relation to the world today. The success of a birds’ nest is some of the research carried. The use of GIS to help the victims in left out areas can be quite a challenge. This issue was researched about by Rachel Durso of Washington College Week as part of the Academic Minute task.

Bill Schindler highlights on why having a dietary culture is not good, since our body systems change and hence need change in terms of quality and quantity. The institution is highly focused on the human body and food intakes. Gender issues and mostly women and their role in politics was also addressed in a recent article by Melissa Deckman. Pope use on Twitter was quite a highlighting mark and an in-depth analysis of his posts was critically analyzed by Stephen Okey of Saint Leo University. This act by the Pope was however praised by many people. Security and protection in the world today is a big concern. Analysts from Ray Raymond State University in New York breaks down on measures in place for a safer, global world. This institution continues to carry out more research on a daily basis.

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