How to Win with Tech-Progresive Customers

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The next-generation prototype outlet within Dallas found in the Container store comprises 18 digital screens. These screens provide the customer with nearly all tips, be it practical or anything inspirational. It is also an interactive designing tool. It is an NYC flagship store and has H&M as a testing voice with mirrors activated to provide style and offer advice on reduced fee. L’Occitane en Provence is a leveraging augmented reality and offers stationary bikes. It Enables guests to take rides within the province in Manhattan.

Technology is becoming linked with almost all significant ways of purchase in the world today. It includes retailers and brands making use of technology to deliver an excellent individual experience. A retailer aims to satisfy ones wish, beliefs and lifestyles that are essential to a customer. A survey conducted by Euromonitor International identified that improving the customers’ journey was the most important thing for business leaders today. A more in-depth study was carried on by 1,445 professionals around the world by Industry Insight Survey in February. The research aimed at identifying how companies make their technological bets and initiatives impacting the industry in the future.

A total of 76% of the respondents, when asked about the essential commerce-specific development, said that it was the improvement of customer journey and experience. Its rating was much more than a creation of consistent brand experience, becoming customer centric and deepening loyalty of customers. This generation defined by numerous choices of commodities. Here the customer experience is proving to be the primary differentiator for brand and retailers. The physical sellers value the customer’s experience for repeat business. It will help in the revenue growth of a company.

Technology makes it possible for the customer to decide what to buy from the seller using the various medium. Consumer loyalty is, however, reducing among some well-known brands. The purchase was mostly faced to face in the past. However, it is taking a switch nowadays whereby some are done online. Their consumption can define a customer’s stand. Retailers used to compete on price and product. However, the customer experience is proving to be the determining factor. Technology nowadays acts as the link in providing an overall experience. It helps consumers find the best brand experience.
Technology must itself bring advantages and be more efficient to enhance the overall customer-retailer feel. Companies need to understand their brand type to tailor-make a final product for its target market.

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