The Tweeter Organization Has Reported That It Will Not Continue with Their Initial Plan of Banning Infowars Conspiracy Theorist, Alex Jones.

Infowars, Infowars Ban

Tweeter boss stated that he would not ban InfoWars. The company made it clear that it wasn’t going to ban infoWars founder’s account because it had not violated any policy that was put in place by the social media platform. At the beginning of this week, some technology giant organizations like YouTube and Facebook terminated the right-wing conspiracy theorist information. The companies cited that the content owned by InfoWars contained hate speech. The InfoWars CEO filed a lawsuit claiming that the organizations had unfairly censored their accounts. The famous radio host is well known for scattering unconfirmed allegations that deal with tragic events that include the 911.

The CEO is currently being accused of defamation by two parents of the children that were killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting. The CEO has, however, rejected the claim and said that it was just a giant hoax. It’s reported that minors under the age of seven years and six adults lost their lives in the shooting. In a number of Tweets on Tuesday, the head and co-founder of Tweeter Company, Jack Dorsey, vividly laid out the social media’s verdict. He confirmed that the organization wasn’t going to follow the footsteps that other institutions like Spotify and Apple took. Jack noted that he wasn’t going to remove InfoWars CEO’s content from the social media platform.

Dorsey made it crystal clear that Jones had not violated any policy laid by the platform. However, he promised to suspend their accounts if they ever made any attempt of violating any of the policy. In his statement, Dorsey said that it would be a silly decision to react and succumb to the outside pressure. Instead, the company was steadfast to maintain its codified principles. Dorsey also implied that actions posed risks of fueling other new conspiracy theories in the long run. He also mentioned in his explanation that it was critical for the press to document and validate unsubstantiated rumors like the ones that were being scattered by InfoWars CEO. According to Dorsey, people easily build up their opinions.

Mostly, InfoWars CEO uses his Tweeter account to spread videos and share other contents to his 850,000 followers. He also uses the same account to promote conspiracy theories against Muslims, Liberals, and migrants. For example, in July, Jones wrote that the Democrats were planning to launch a civil war during the United States Independence Day.

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