President Trump Continues Disturbing Pattern With Attack On Lebron

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The unfortunate truth is that the president of the United States, Donald Trump, has made a number of remarks suggesting that African-Americans possess inherently less intelligence than other citizens of America. The question on the mind of many is whether the president is intentionally voicing identical views to those that would expect from a white supremacist.

A quick look at Donald Trump’s past history of ridicule for prominent black Americans and it becomes crystal clear that he knows exactly what he is saying. In March, Trump embarked on a campaign to discredit Democratic Representative Maxine Waters, a frequent Trump critic. Trump has repeatedly claimed that Representative Waters was lacking in terms of IQ and doubled down on these claims in July when he remarked ‘I really believe that,’ when reiterating his belief that Maxine Waters had an IQ in the mid-60’s.

It is apparent that President Trump believes that a smear campaign against Waters’ intelligence is the perfect way to make her criticisms against him illegitimate.

The latest well-known African-Americans to find themselves in the crosshairs of Donald Trump is NBA star Donald Trump and CNN anchor Don Lemon. Trump took to Twitter to say that Lebron James had just completed an interview with the ‘dumbest man on television.’ Trump then added that Lemon made Lebron ‘look smart’, which the president of the United States said was a difficult thing to do.

Donald Trump went on to involve NBA Hall of Famer Michael Jordan in the fray when he added ‘I like Mike,’ to the Twitter comment. Michael Jordan has since responded with a message of his own and stood in support of Lebron James. The president’s wife, Melania, also released a message in support of James a day later and praised him for his many charitable efforts.

The preoccupation of Trump with what he perceived as a lack of intelligence among African-Americans began before he became president. In 2011, he made the public claim that America’s last president, Barack Obama was a ‘terrible student’ and hinted that Obama could not have gotten into either Colombia University or Harvard without some type of unfair help.

Trump went even farther with his antics toward the 44th president of the United States and challenged him to show his records from school to prove that he possessed the intelligence to be accepted to two prestigious Ivy League Universities.

With this history in mind, many feel that his continuous groundless attacks on the intelligence of African-Americans are an obvious lean toward white supremacist philosophy. And critics feel that a failure to call the president’s behavior anything but what it is constitutes a deliberate attempt to sugarcoat the presence of racism.

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