Mothers Student Loan Debt Almost Prevents Daughter From Going To College

Student Loan Debt

An Indiana woman’s student loan debt almost stopped her daughter from going to college. Naaya Martinque was set to start Spellman college this fall. However, when she prepared to move into the dorms, she was informed that she could not move in until she paid the $4,000 balance she owed on her tuition.

Naaya immediately went to the financial aid office when she found out what was going on. She tried to take out another loan to cover the remaining balance. However, she had already taken out all of the loans available. Things did not get better when Tjai Downs, who is her mother, attempted to help.

Tjai’s credit was ruined because she had defaulted on student loans. As a result of this, she could not apply for a loan to help her daughter. Tjai stated that a change in address was the reason that she did not pay her student loan. She did not receive the paperwork that she needed.

Tjai stated that she did not realize that did not know that she still owed on her student loan until she went to apply for a loan. She stated that she was amazed how this small mistake could rear its head years later. She also stated that this situation could have been avoided if she had been more organized.

Fortunately, Tjai was able to start a Gofundme to get the money that she needed. She managed to raise $4,790 in just four days. She was able to meet the August 15 deadline that the school had set.

A recent report showed that black women are the demographic that is most impacted by student loan debt. Not only have they have taken out the most student loan debt, but they are also more likely to default than any other the demographic.

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