Mother Whale Clings to Deceased Baby

Orca, Whale

A mother orca is still clinging to her baby after the calf died eight days ago. After a drone was put in the air to observe the orca’s activity, researchers have seen that she won’t let go of her baby. She continues to call out to her calf to try to get it to swim or make some kind of noise. Viewers from all areas of the world have seen the whale in the Salish Sea and have monitored her actions. High winds have made it difficult to see the whale and her calf over the past day or two. Some researchers aren’t sure if she still has the calf with her or if she has let it pass away.

The whale is named Tahlequah. She is among a clan that is considered endangered. On July 24, she delivered a baby. Researchers were hopeful that the baby would survive, but the baby died just before it was an hour old. The mother carried the calf on her back for about seven days before viewers lost sight of the mother and the baby. Taylor Shedd is among the many researchers who have been trying to monitor both animals. The last time Shedd noticed the whale was Monday evening.

As winds picked up overnight, the mother started losing the other pack of whales in the water. Researchers believe that this is because of the extra weight of her baby. The rest of the clan was spotted Tuesday afternoon. However, Tahlequah was not among them, and researchers aren’t sure where she is at the moment because they haven’t seen her. It’s possible that she is hiding and staying by herself so that she can grieve. There is also a possibility that something has happened to her since she was carrying her deceased calf on her back.

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