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Stream Energy was founded in 2005 with an innovative idea of selling energy through nothing else but word-of-mouth.

Through the 13 years of its existence, the company quickly became one of the largest direct selling energy companies in the world. Throughout its lifetime it has also made $8 billion in revenue and expanded to nine states. Even though energy was its flagship product, the brand’s range of services has expanded over the year into Wireless, Home and Protective Services.

Stream Energy’s direct selling program is called the Stream Opportunity and has created thousands of jobs for people all over the US. The program has won numerous awards including being named by Direct Selling Association (DSA) as one of 2017 DSA Top 20. The concept is simple Stream Energy pays its Independent Associates to sell its services and sign up new customers.

“Stream truly is a leader in our industry, and I applaud them for the opportunities they offer thousands of Americans and for the significant contributions Stream makes to the economy,” said DSA President Joseph N. Mariano. “Sales don’t just happen, they are earned through the devotion companies like Stream show day in and day out to their customers and salespeople by virtue of their membership in DSA. You have set an example our entire business model should be proud to follow.”

The program has no physical inventory, quotas or door-to-door selling, making it simple for Independent Associates to earn money. Having expanded its business model nationwide in 2015, the opportunity to earn for Independent Associates has grown.

With most things in life, knowledge is power, and Stream Energy’s Opportunity program is no different. By paying a minimal fee, Independent Associates receive training and a website to get their business started. Additionally, educational events are held to help these Independent Associates become more lucrative. One of these events is the Stream University.

The Stream University allows Independent Associates to earn their Stream Energy degree in just one day.

The live event is an all-day training and educational program that travel across the country to actively growing Stream Energy markets. The university offers a variety of topics that include personal vs. professional growth, mindset development, effective leadership and business development for Independent Associates. There is also an opportunity to partake in interactive learning and role play. The event is broken up into two sessions (a morning and afternoon session) and includes full-scale audio and video production.

With the success of previous Stream University events in Chicago, Houston, and Atlanta, the university has continued to host these events in new cities throughout the year. The Stream University event held in Chicago on 19 May 2018 had special training by Senior VP of Sales Ryan Morris. The Director of Field Training, Greg Savage delivered a business presentation which was followed by pivotal business-building training.

On 23 June 2018, Stream University was held at King of Prussia in Sheraton Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. Greg Savage hosted this event as well, bringing foundational business training to Independent Associates doorsteps. These events are the perfect opportunity for new Independent Associates to jumpstart their new business venture with Stream Energy.

With all the skills acquired at Stream University, Independent Associates will be well on their way to earning income through Stream Energy Compensation Plan.

T The first is by earning weekly bonuses by signing up new customers and building their team. Once an Independent Associate builds their team, they then have additional earning potential as they get rewarded for customers their team members sign up.

Stream Energy also offers incentives to those Independent Associates that work hard and have the results to show. These incentives include additional income, trips around the country and cars. Independent Associates also have the opportunity to build significant recurring monthly income as their and their team’s customers pay their monthly Stream Energy bill.

Stream University provides excellent business building training for new Independent Associates as well as gives existing Associates an amazing refresher of what they could be doing with their Stream Energy business. This all-day training is open to anyone – whether you’re an Independent Associate or not – at a cost of $20 per person. All those wanting to attend this event need to register online.


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