George Conway and Other Political Spouses Fair Game for Media Scrutiny

George Conway, Kelly Ann Conway

George Conway, the husband of Trump political advisor Kelly Ann Conway, has received more than his fair share of attention in recent months. This attention has resulted from a series of Tweets he has made expressing his displeasure for the president.

A recent profile done on the couple by the Washington Post resulted in an attempt by Kelly Ann to put the matter of her husband’s Tweets to rest. She also questioned both the validity and ethics of media reporting on her spouse’s opinions as they relate to her career. A stern warning was issued by Mrs. Conway to the journalist doing the profile and she stated that any attempt to frame the story to highlight her husband will be met with considerable pushback.

Many individuals familiar with Kelly Ann Conway cry hypocrisy upon hearing her reaction to the media attention her husband has received. They note that during the 2016 campaign she frequently made references to the actions of former President Bill Clinton when speaking about his wife and then-candidate Hillary. In any event, despite the displeasure expressed by Kelly Ann Conway, a spouse of a political figure will always be considered fair game, especially when they publicly express views and opinions that relate directly to the duties performed by their husband or wife.

Marriage, even in situations involving two spouses that value a fierce independence, is by definition a union consisting of two people that even when not completely sharing a belief system, share a life. Most people would agree that it is at least reasonable to speculate that that two people sharing a home for a large part of their lives would possess similar views on some subjects.

The opinions expressed by George Conway would be fair game regardless of his choice in a marriage partner as he has chosen to post them in a public forum. His comments become unquestionably relevant, however, due to the fact that they are concerning the boss of his wife, who happens to be the President of the United States of America.

This fact in no way means that Kelly Ann Conway, or any other person, should be held accountable for the views or behaviors of their spouse. However, in the case of Mrs. Conway, it is interesting to observe that one of the closest advisors to President Trump is married to a man with such anti-Trump sentiments that he chooses to express to the world via a leading social media platform. And whether Kelly Ann Conway likes it or not, it is her husband George that has caused both his insertion into her daily work life and the resulting scrutiny from the media.

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