The Ferguson Fire Has Been Reported to Have Expanded to over 30,493 Acres.

Ferguson Fire

The fire in Mariposa County has been reported to have ballooned to over 30,493 acres as of Sundays’ reports. According to the Wildlife’s incident commanders, the Ferguson fire has now spread to over 1,148 acres as from Saturday evening. Containment of the fire remains at 6%. According to a press release by the unified agencies fighting the flames, over 216 structures have been threatened by the Ferguson fire. The California fire, Mariposa County Sherriff’s Department and the United States Forest’s Department are reported to be on their toes trying to curb the spread of the fire.

Four fire workers have been reported to have been injured in the line of duty trying to contain the flames. A California firefighter named Braden Varney was killed after the fire tractor overturned killing him on the spot. His body was recovered on 14th July. The celebrations of his service to the state are scheduled to take place on Monday at 10:30. The event will be held at the House of Modesto, 1061 along Coffee Road in Modesto. With the extreme spread of the fire, multiple mandatory evacuations had been reported to be taking place for all the surrounding areas, not excluding Yosemite West. The flame was reported to be blazing on 29,045 acres as of Saturday morning.

Just before 4 PM, on Sunday, an involuntary evacuation was made for Old Yosemite. Other zones under evacuation included Rancheria, Yosemite View Lodge, Rancheria Flat government housing, Sweetwater ridge, Incline road, Jerseydale, Cedar Lodge, Mariposa pines, Foresta among other places. An evacuation centre had been set up at New Life Cristian Fellowship along Mariposa road. The Ferguson fire started in July 13th near the El Portal in the Merced River canyon. On Saturday, the firefighters deployed strived to directly face the portion of the Ferguson fire on the Stanislaus National Forest. However, the terrain and the behaviour of the fire forced the fire workers to back off as the conditions of battling the fire became ugly. It was too dangerous to engage the fire safely.

Fire crew later visited and planned to use the road system that is around Soapstone Ridge as their holding zone. The fireworks also worked to install hose lays in the entire northwest and west holding lines. These lines were to provide indirect and direct protection to Yosemite West and El Portal. According to the firefighters, the burnout operations taking place in the Sweetwater area are progressing just the way they want it.

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