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Custom Companies: The Shipping Company that Changed the Midwest

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Custom Companies is a transportation company based in the Chicago area. Offering direct-mail services, coast-to-coast deliveries, global goods transport and a variety of customized freight services, the Midwestern firm is a full-service transportation company serving a diverse customer base since 1986.


LTL Services Across the U.S.

Custom Companies provides less-than-truckload, or LTL, services in all 50 states. With distribution centers in 33 markets, the company is able to offer fast service at a moment’s notice. Custom Companies reduces the risk of damaged goods by bypassing breakbulk facilities in favor of direct scheduled line hauls.


Industry-Leading Truckload Services

The company is also a leading provider of partial and full truckload services. Custom Companies offers these services in 48 states, as well as Mexico and Canada. International expedited and air freight options are available from Custom Global Logistics LLC. With an over-the-road fleet of more than 500 trucks, the company continually reviews processes to ensure ISO 9001:2008 compliance and provide a positive customer experience.


Truckload Deliveries

CDN Logistics, Inc. provides the following truckload delivery services:

  • flatbed
  • dry van
  • refrigerated

From construction materials to perishable foods, customers in a wide range of industries rely on Custom Companies to transport their goods on time and with care. Expedited ground service is available for those with urgent delivery needs.


Local Cartage in Chicago and L.A.

Local services are available to customers in Chicago and Los Angeles. Custom Companies provides these delivery services within a 100-mile radius of each of these cities; transit maps can be found on the company’s website. Fleets of 105 and 45-plus trucks in Chicago and Los Angeles, respectively, ensure that customers’ needs are met or exceeded. Customers can purchase the Black and Gold service guarantee on delivery in these zones for a 30-percent upcharge; minimum fees apply.


Direct Mail Services

Custom Companies helps businesses of all sizes achieve their goals with direct mail services from Choice Direct Logistics (ShipHawk). By offering co-palleting, Choice Direct provides small businesses with a valuable service and allows flexibility to larger companies for small or targeted direct-mail campaigns. The division capitalizes on the transportation experience of Custom Companies to provide fast delivery, utilizing the following features:

  • nightly dedicated line hauls
  • direct rail and airline contracts
  • ample warehouse space in Chicago and Los Angeles
  • the Choice Management System and other high-tech tools
  • Auxiliary Service Facilities, or ASF,, Network Distribution Centers, NDC, and Sectional Center Facilities, or SCF, access

In addition to increased speed, customers enjoy a greater degree of control over mailings.


Custom Companies Corporate Culture

Under the leadership of owner Perry Mandera, the corporate culture at Custom Companies is based on “making it happen.” Each customer is assigned a Customer Service Gold Team to monitor his or her deliveries. This proactive approach helps prevent problems — or stop small issues from becoming larger ones. Although freight claims are rare — claims ratio vary by service type — they are treated with urgency when they do occur. Team members at this firm, headquartered in Northlake, IL, rely on communication to keep the vast operation humming. From dispatchers to the fulfillment crew to drivers, employees depend equally on their co-workers and technology to keep deliveries on track and on time.


Streamlining Shipping With Software

Cheetah Dispatch software is one of the tools at employees’ disposal. Satellite-connected tablets enable drivers to efficiently plan routes and enjoy streamlined parcel handling. Proof-of-delivery data is routed to docks and made available to customers via the Custom Companies website. The software improves accuracy and reduces shipping and handling time.


Empowering Customers

In addition to enjoying the convenience of electronic invoicing, customers appreciate the ability to track shipment details and find other information via the company’s website. Real-time info for the following services is available online:

  • quotes
  • pickup requests
  • robust accounting
  • tracing and tracking
  • bill of lading requests
  • customizable online reports
  • customized shipment analytics

Of course, sometimes customers need a human touch. Territory managers are available to provide quotes or help them choose the right service level for their needs. And while the company’s Density Calculator is available to help determine a customer’s freight class, territory managers and other employees can assist with this function as well.


Leading With Technological Advances

Perry Mandera has found ways for his business to benefit from new technologies since founding Custom Companies in the 1980s. Sifting through options in the constantly evolving transportation industry can be challenging, but Mandera’s choices have helped keep his business at the top of its game — quite a feat for a company that operates around the clock, every day of the year, in locations around the world.


Building Better Businesses

In the increasingly complex and competitive world of business, companies need every available advantage. Custom Companies offers local, national and global services to help businesses achieve their goals. Serving small, medium and large companies across a diverse range of industries, the company strives to provide customers with everything they need to succeed.


Cutting-Edge and Proven Technologies

Custom Companies leverages decades of transportation experience and relationships built over the years to grow its existing services. And as the shipping and logistics industries evolve, the firm is able to provide new and exciting offerings from its headquarters in Northlake, IL. In addition to offering new services, the company uses the latest technological developments to improve traditional products. From the many conveniences available on the company’s website to impressive warehouse management and delivery systems, Custom Companies employs every weapon in its arsenal to provide customers with an excellent experience every time.

Owner Perry Mandera is taking Custom Companies into the future while respecting time-honored customer service principles. His leadership guides a large but well-organized team as they head into the future. We can’t wait to see what other developments Custom Companies brings about in their forward-thinking approach to shipping and other transportation-focused services.

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