Apprentice Omarosa Manigault Newman Is Giving Trump a Dose of His Own Medicine

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When it comes to understanding Omarosa Manigault Newman’s intentions, one thing is certain. She wants to give her former mentor and friend, Donald Trump, a taste of untruthfulness coated in a few truths and personal observations. Her new book, “Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House,” is creating a media storm, and she is making Mr. Trump look like a pesky kid who has one hand in his racist cookie jar.

Omarosa is turning up the heat on Trump on news shows, and she has secret recordings to prove her statements have some truth in them. Meanwhile, Trump is letting his thumbs berate and ridicule his protégé. But Omarosa learned how to take personal punches from the king of deflections himself.

At this point, it doesn’t matter how much truth is in her new book, according to Christine Emba a columnist at the Washington Post. Omarosa hit one of Trump’s frazzled nerves, and he is exposing the glaring flaws in his administrations. Emba calls that a win-win for Omarosa. Omarosa’s recording of her meeting with John Kelly wasn’t that newsworthy until Trump began a Twitter rant. His tweets confirm Trump’s management ineptness, and his demand for fawning in order to secure a position in his White House.

Trump thinks Omarosa is vicious, out of control, and not smart. But he schmoozed with her on three Apprentice episodes, and he gave her a White House job because she showered him with praise and her shady allegiance. She said great things about Trump until John Kelly gave her walking papers. In a recorded phone call with Mr. Trump, the presidents acted dumb about her firing. He seemed upset about it. Trump knew she was creating issues by using the White House car service as her personal car service so she had to go. But Trump tried to keep his distance during the firing. Although Omarosa has communication skills, she wasn’t White House worthy, but Trump brought her along like a puppy who needed training in the art of throwing shade and upsetting the status quo.

But Omarosa didn’t need help exposing Trump’s racist views, and his narrow-minded attitude. She may not be the most reliable source of information, but Omarosa is doing her part to rattle Trump. Omarosa is hitting Trump where it hurts. She is exposing Trump’s hatred for African Americans, according to Emba, and he doesn’t know how to stop her.

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