Apple Reaches a Valuation of $1 Trillion

Apple, Technology

While we all know that Apple is one of the largest companies in the world, the company recently announced that it is officially worth $1 trillion. That being said, a recent news article dissected just exactly what $1 trillion could actually buy. For example, the article kicks off by announcing the fact that Apple could now officially buy 1 billion people an iPhone X at the tolling price of $999 and the company would still have a billion dollars left over to use at its discretion.

Apple has also become the first country in America to ever be worth over $1 trillion. However, Apple’s CEO believes that the valuation isn’t the highest measure of the company’s success. The technology that Apple is bringing to the forefront of the market, as well as the level of innovation, far succeeds the valuation that is placed on the company. The article goes on to detail that if Apple could be a country sole upon itself, it would be the 27th most rich country in the world.

There are many things that Apple could do with its valuation. The world’s most expensive sports team is the Dallas Cowboys. Apple could easily buy the Cowboys, which are valued at $4.8 billion. In fact, Apple could easily buy every single sports team that is ranked in the 50 highest valued sports teams and still have billions left over. Even tech giant, Amazon, is only valued at just under $900 billion. In fact, even the world-renowned Google is not worth $1 trillion and Facebook is just over $500 billion.

If Apple was feeling generous, they could donate over $3,000 to more than 300 million people and they would still have some leftover petty cash to spend. Apple has become a legacy brand. It is a common saying that when a text message comes up green instead of blue (the iPhone signature text message color), you may as well not answer it. An iPhone has become an essential to people. While the Samsung Galaxy is its main rival, it still is clearly not as popular as the iPhone has become. The MacBook has also become an essential thanks to its many capabilities that outrival any competitor on the market. The $3,000 that Apple could easily donate would be more than enough for those 300 million people to buy a brand new MacBook, with some to spare.

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