Amid Altering Expectations and Perceptions, Liverpool’s Manager JüRgen Klopp Faces a New Challenge.

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When you approach the city of Liverpool from the North, you meet electronic advertising of some products. The board brightly shines on your face. You have to wait long enough in slowly moving traffic so that you can reach Royal Liver Buildings. Then, you will be welcomed with words, ‘We are Liverpool.’ Just along the limey tarmacked corridors that are nearby the train stations at Central and Moorfield’s the words appear again. The message begins to feel unavoidable. This is because it’s presented on huge banners behind the kop. The banners are inscribed and decorated with the club’s luxurious red coach. At Melwood, especially on Friday, there is a newly branded banner that screens Jürgen Klopp.

It seems that the coach has become part and parcel of the club. There was a promotional video that was released by Liverpool during springtime, and apparently, Klopp features a hundred times. Later, it was his interview that he released before his final Champion League match in Kiev. Klopp is seen attempting to develop a sense of belonging by appealing to the soul at a time when the questions being concentrated at him relay to what could another portrayal of the way things are. What he uttered was ‘we are Liverpool.’ The message seemed to answer several questions, and it did cost more to say that.

Klopp’s approach at Liverpool has raised perceptions as well as expectations. This was geared because of his new record signings. Klopp’s signings were started with the recruitment of Virgil Van Dijk and then Alisson Becker. Klopp would defend his signings and quickly argue that they are now on the same level as their rivals. He was then faced with a series of questions that demanded answers on how he was going to tame Manchester City when the Premier League starts. He swore that the team was all focused and they remained the hot razor that Manchester City couldn’t handle.

However, the claim from the highest spending head coach in England that his team remains an underdog wouldn’t put a smile on everyone’s face. There are undisputed facts that Klopp can’t avoid. He signed a very expensive goalkeeper and boosted his defense by signing Dijk from Southampton, who is the current most expensive defender in the market. Currently, Alisson is not the most expensive goalkeeper in the market as Chelsea have changed the details with their new signing.

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