Stansberry Research to Sponsor Golfer Kevin Kisner

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In a recent announcement, Stansberry Research, a leading publisher of investment research and analysis, publicly stated its intention to sponsor PGA tour golfer Kevin Kisner. The partnership was born in part out of a desire to represent shared values that focus on family and friendship. As a result, we’ll see Kisner sporting the company’s logo as he competes on the tour. He will also serve as a brand ambassador at various events both on and off the golf course. Read on for a closer look at the sponsorship and more info on both parties and their common focus.


Athletic Success

Kisner has been one of the top golfers in the world for years, quickly gaining national recognition. While attending the University of Georgia, he first made his mark on the world of sports when he was named an Academic All-American. He went on to represent the school as a member of the 2005 national championship team. Following his graduation in 2006, Kisner turned professional.

Since the start of his professional golfing career, Kisner has repeatedly shown that he has the level of skill and performance to compete on the sport’s biggest stage. He has eight tournament wins, two of which he won on the PGA tour. He has also finished highly in both the Masters and the U.S. Open, two tournaments that serve as benchmarks of excellence for the sport.



Porter Stansberry, the founder of Stansberry Research, has plenty of praise for Kisner and his focus on family and friends. Stansbury relates to these values and credits it as the reason why he thought Kisner and his company would make a great team. Stansberry Research has a longstanding policy of only providing investment analysis it would want its family and friends to follow.

“Kevin’s approach to golf and to life personifies our approach to serving investors. Yes, he wins tournaments and competes with as much intensity and skill as any golfer in the world,” said Stansberry, “but, what matters even more to us is that he does so with tremendous character and loyalty to his family and friends. In this way, Kevin exemplifies our brand on course, with his family, and with giving back to the community through the Kisner Foundation.”

That foundation, founded by Kevin and his wife, Brittany, is a manifestation of Kisner’s drive to give back to those around him. The non-profit organization works to create a positive environment where children can grow into responsible adults. The organization provides charitable funding for a variety of other organizations, many of which promote fitness, health, and education for children.

Kisner says that he’s “very proud to be partnering with Stansberry Research and to represent and support them over the years as [he continues] to compete on the tour.” He also says that he looks “forward to serving as an ambassador for Stansberry Research and introducing their investment research to [his] family, peers, and fans.”


Company Background

Kevin Kisner found success through the cultivation of his skills and passions (PRNewsWire). This journey mirrors the origins of the company with which he is now partnered. Porter Stansberry founded Stansberry Research in 1999 on a borrowed computer at his kitchen table. Though the start was humble, Porter was primed for success, having already built a reputation as an effective predictor of global financial patterns. In fact, he earned praise from Barron’s for his prediction of the credit crisis. They said his work was “remarkably prescient” and added that “nothing, as far as [they could] see, [had] happened to contradict his dire prophecy.”

The company grew precipitously in the following years. With only one flagship newsletter at its beginning, it now provides over twenty regular publications and employs a similar number of skilled analysts. Its subscriber base has grown as well, with the publisher currently retaining over 500,000 subscribers and 70,000 lifetime subscribers.


Guiding Philosophies

One of the reasons Stansberry Research has grown its reputation and subscriber base so effectively is its adherence to a few core principles. First of all, the company commits to foster a diversity of opinion. By hiring analysts with a variety of backgrounds and skill sets, the publisher can pass on the benefits of their unique viewpoints directly to its readers. This principle stands in contrast to companies that require a single, unifying opinion from all contributors. Such an approach not only serves to dampen disparate viewpoints of the market but also prevents a complete understanding of markets as a whole.

Second, the company strives for transparency in everything it does. Many other publishers distribute a variety of recommendations and then only highlight in hindsight the advice that yields the best results. This inconsistency of evaluation is a disservice to readers who end up with a skewed view of a company’s ability to predict market forces. So strong is its adherence to this principle that Stansberry Research regularly and completely evaluates all recommendations for each of its newsletters. In addition, it releases a running track record with each monthly issue of its newsletters.

Partnerships between athletes and companies can be a delicate affair, and their success depends greatly on each party’s commitment to common values. In the recently announced sponsorship of Kevin Kisner by Stansberry Research, we see an example of a partnership built on a foundation of mutual respect. With a shared desire to put family and friends first, as well as a deep commitment to helping others, the two parties should make a great pairing moving forward.

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