Shooting At Texas Nursing Home Leaves Five Dead

Retama Manor Nursing Home, Shooting Incident

At least five people are dead after a gunman opened fire in a nursing home in Texas. The gunman is among the people killed. The shooting took place on a Friday night with most of the activity taking place at the nursing home and other activity taking place at the home of one of the victims. Someone entered the nursing home around seven in the evening. Several calls were made to the local police department and to officers in Corpus Christi before emergency help could arrive at the scene. When officers arrived at the nursing home, they found two men and one woman with gunshot wounds. Unfortunately, these victims were pronounced dead at the scene.

When officers learned more about the gunman and the people involved in the shooting, they went to the home of one of the victims. Two people were found dead in the home. Officers are treating the incidents as being related. The gunman is believed to have died by a self-inflicted gunshot wound, which would suggest that the incident is a murder-suicide. Few details have been released about the incident, but officers don’t believe that there is a further threat to the people who live in the nursing home.

Many of the residents in the nursing home were trying to settle in for the night when the gunman made his way inside the facility. It appears as though his victims were carefully planned and that they could be related to the people who were found dead in the other home. The Retama Manor Nursing Home has called in grief counselors and other support personnel to try to help the residents understand and deal with the incident. Richard Starry has been identified as the shooter, and one of the victims at the home could be his mother or a relative.

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