Northern California Wildfires Have Gone Insane.


Monstrous flames that started due to high winds and hot weather have continued to burn across Northern California intensely. The fire crews reported on Monday that they were working throughout the night to attempt to contain the blazes. The fire was reported to have hit Lake County in Pawnee road and the New Long Valley road that is located Northwest of Clearlake Oaks. California Governor Jerry Brown had declared a state of emergency because of the wildly growing blazes. So far, the fire has damaged over twenty-two structures and has threatened the lives of over six hundred North Californian residents.

The Federal Management Agency reported that it had sanctioned two Fire Assistant Grants for the Golden state. The two were deployed by the State so that they could assist in battling with the Creek and Pawnee fires. Over 2,700 personnel were on the ground trying to contain the fire. According to California Fire Authority, on Tuesday evening the fire crew were reported to be using 15 helicopters, 69 bulldozers and 235 firefighting engines.

The State reported that Old Long valley road and the new long valley road were all closed at highway twenty. California Fire confirmed that new resources were on their way to be deployed in the fields so that they could assist in containing the fire. As of on Tuesday at 7:11 PM, over 13,000 acres had caught fire. California fire stated that at least 300 of those acres were in the Mendocino National Forest. The state revealed that mandatory evacuation was underway and it was effective. The communities were signaled to evacuate the area with immediate effect. The community has a population of about 845 people. California fire said that the Lower Lake High School that is near 53 highway had been opened as an evacuation facility. All animal staging was available at the Social Service Center on the Anderson Ranch Parkway.

The evacuation warning was extended to the County of Colusa for Wilbur Springs, Bear Valley, East of Walker ridge areas and Brim road. In Tehama County, the fire crew was busy trying to build containment lines around the raging fire. The fire was threatening over 200 structures. The hot weather and the steep terrain has seen the efforts to contain the fire become a significant challenge. In Tehama County, over 1,100 firefighters were reported to be fighting the fire with 13 bulldozers and 13 helicopters trying to prevent the spread of the fire.

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