Meet Mera—Not Aquawoman

Amber Heard, Aquaman, DCEU, Mera

Amber Heard, who plays Mera in the upcoming DC Extended Universe movie Aquaman, took some time to discuss her part in an interview with JoBlo.

In the comics, Mera and Aquaman (King Orin/Arthur Curry, played here by Jason Momoa) are married and thus serve as the king and queen of Atlantis. In the years since Mera’s 1963 introduction, she has taken on a more active role, often fighting evil alongside her husband with her own unique power set.

Heard emphasized those powers in the interview, particular hydrokinesis, Mera’s ability to control water (a handy one for people who live in the ocean).

“Mera’s power, other than just being a warrior princess in Atlantis, is that she also can control water[…] it plays throughout the mission, throughout their entire journey,” she explained. “She relies on hydrokinesis to kind of save the world and stuff.”

But of course, a superhero always has to be about more than powers, and Heard clearly fell in love with Mera’s personality, too. She has noted in the past that she was afraid that the character would be a typical “damsel in distress,” but got on board when Zack Snyder (director of Justice League) referred to Mera as a “warrior queen.”

She explains that, while researching the character, she read a comic where Aquaman and Mera work together to save some people from a tsunami. “And they turn to Mera, who has done equal work in saving this village, and they’re like, ‘Who are you? Are you Aquawoman?’ And she’s like, ‘No, I’m not Aquawoman. I’m Mera, I have my own name.’ And I was like, I like this. I like this woman.”

(For the record, Mera did briefly refer to herself as “Aquawoman” in the comic books, near the end of the New 52, but abandoned the title pretty quickly. For the most part, she just functions without a code name.)

Heard added that in the film, she and Aquaman frequently butt heads, even as they work together to stop his brother, Orm (Patrick Wilson) from waging war on the surface world. She notes a key difference between them: while Aquaman, with his Atlantean mother and human father, feels torn between two worlds, Mera knows exactly who she is and what she needs to do. Hopefully, she can help him find that same level of confidence.

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