Latest Details Lead to More Questions Arising About the Shooting by Sacramento Police Officers.

Sacramento Police Officers

A Sacramento County sheriff was reported to have fired his weapon for over 19 times as he was walking across six lanes of Highway 50. The case of the officer involved in the shooting is still under investigation. The case has taken more than a year after it transpired. Information relating to the death of Mikel Laney McIntyre who was aged 32 years was released last week in a yearly report by Rick Braziel, the Sacramento County Inspector General. The report that was released has raised several questions. Many have wondered whether the use of force was vindicated. Additionally, people wanted to learn why the District’s Attorney’s assessment on the case had prolonged.

Braziel, the inspector general, is accountable for observing the Sacramento County Sherriff’s Department. According to his report, three deputies Ken Becker, Gabriel Rodriguez and Jeffery Wright had fired their weapons twenty-nine times during an ordeal that transpired on May 8th, 2017 with McIntyre. The incident started at a shopping center in a parking lot in Rancho Cordova at around 6:48 PM.

McIntyre was reported to have hit the deputies and a police dog with rocks when the incident transpired. Though he was unarmed when the catastrophic shots were fired. McIntyre’s mother said that it was not right. Everything had gone excessive. Shaun Hampton, the Sacramento County Sherriff’s spokesman, stated that he was not in the position to discuss the details of the case because of pending litigation. Early last month, McIntyre’s mother filed a federal civil rights lawsuit in the ongoing case.
The report read that the deputies first met Mikel McIntyre when he was responding to a call that was believed to be an attack that was in progress outside a dress store. According to Mikel’s mother, the son was experiencing a mental health problem and that she was the woman the caller that had earlier said that Mikel was assaulting.

On that day, the family had called the 991 number twice. This is because Mikel appeared to be experiencing mental health issues. At all the instances that Brigett called the police, the medical officials and deputies assessed Mikel and said that the son never qualified for Involuntary Psychiatric hold. She wondered why despite the family concern. After the second call, the deputies asked Mikel to leave the aunt’s house where they often visited with the mother.

Later on, Mikel asked the mother to pick him where the incident had transpired.

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