Johanan Rand is the Expert Needed to Help With Erectile Dysfunction

Johanan Rand Displays Expertise in Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

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Erectile dysfunction can be a frustrating and embarrassing issue for the large segment of the male population who have dealt with it. In some cases, the condition can lead to feelings of depression, which can affect other aspects of health beyond sexual performance. For these reasons and more, it is important to seek out a trained medical professional if you feel your struggles with the disorder is negatively affecting your life. Johanan Rand, a physical medicine, and rehabilitation specialist has extensive experience in treating the condition through his private practice. If you are interested in his work or would like to know more about the specifics of the affliction, read on for an overview of the topic and what can be done to treat it.


Erectile Anatomy


In order to fully understand erectile dysfunction, one must first understand the multitude of systems that contribute to successfully attaining an erection. In a normally functioning male sexual system, when a man becomes aroused, the nervous system sends a signal to the circulatory system to increase blood flow to the penis. This blood then fills two spongy cylindrical structures that run the length of the penis, known as the corpora cavernosa. When these structures become engorged, they help to restrict blood flow out of the penis by compressing veins that carry blood out and back to the rest of the body. In this way, an erection can be both attained and maintained in an individual with healthy erectile function.

As can be seen above, there are many different bodily systems at work that contribute to a healthily functioning erection. The nervous system is employed to control arousal and to trigger the erectile response in other systems. The circulatory system functions to control blood flow in and out of the penis, which forms the basis for the physical hardness experienced during an erection. Musculature throughout the pelvic region is also engaged to help maintain the hardness of the penis. With so many different bodily systems working in concert to ensure the successful attainment of an erection, it is clear that there are numerous areas where the process could break down.


Private Practice


Johanan Rand, in his role as a doctor who specializes in issues of erectile dysfunction, is cognizant of this interconnected nature of both the condition and the body in general. In order to effectively treat the disorder and others like it, he has dedicated his life to accruing medical knowledge that can help him design innovative and forward-looking treatment plans for his patients. In this pursuit he will often be found examining emerging studies in the medical field, reading literature on the subject, or attending conferences with other professionals. Through these instances of continuing education, he has been able to not only bolster his knowledge on how to treat the myriad of disorders he encounters on a daily basis, but also identify outdated modes of thought that no longer apply to modern medical thinking.

He also makes sure to bring this knowledge to all the work he does in his own private practice, the Healthy Aging Medical Centers . At that practice, he not only applies the new ideas and methods that he learns through his studies, but he also makes sure that each of his patients has a level of access to him that ensures he is able to fully understand and treat their conditions. In the pursuit of this level of care, typical office visits to his practice are longer than in many other practices. He also makes himself available to patients outside of normal office hours, often answering phone calls or emails from his home in the evening.


Nervous System


One area of focus for those seeking to treat erectile dysfunction is the nervous system. Not only is this system responsible for regulating arousal, but it is also responsible for signaling to other systems on when to start the erection process. Irregularities or disorders of the nervous system, such as Parkinson’s disease, can, therefore, be a cause of erectile dysfunction in those afflicted. If a man is experiencing a lack of sensitivity or an inability to achieve or maintain arousal, it may be a sign there is a problem somewhere in his nervous system that may need to be treated.

Of course, the brain is a large part of a person’s nervous system and psychological issues related to sex can also be a cause of or contributing factor to, erectile dysfunction. For men who have experienced sexual trauma in their past, or have had difficult sexual experiences, psychological issues may be a possible area to be examined in any treatment regime. In addition, for men who have been struggling with erectile dysfunction over a prolonged period of time, feelings of inadequacy or psychological duress may need to be addressed in conjunction with any physical causes of the condition.


Hormonal Therapy


Another way that treatments are administered by Johanan Rand at the Healthy Aging Medical Centers is through the use of bioidentical hormone therapy. This style of therapy, which uses treatments that are much more closely matched to a body’s natural hormones, rather than synthetic hormones, has shown a remarkable ability to help patients heal from a range of disorders. The use of this therapy in the treatment of erectile dysfunction is fast becoming more widely adopted and is indicative of its effectiveness in combatting the condition. It is also just one more way that the doctor uses his drive towards researching new and innovative treatment protocols to better serve his patients.

Though the cause of erectile dysfunction can be difficult to diagnose, owing to the process’ grounding in a variety of the body’s systems, it is a condition that can be very treatable with the right medical care. Under the supervision of someone who has researched a variety of treatment techniques, such as Johanan Rand, many patients find that their condition can ameliorate with time and a concerted effort at healing. For those who are suffering from the condition, review the above information and consider reaching out to a medical professional in order to start working on a treatment plan.

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