The Cameras that can detect whether a person is happy or is a threat.

Facial Recognition, Technology

The technology behind facial recognition is growing to become more sophisticated. Many organizations reported that they are unable to read the emotions of customers. They are technically unable to detect suspicious behaviors. Experts have asked what the implications of human emotions have on the civil liberties and the firm’s privacy. The technology behind facial, recognition has been there for decades. Bit by bit, it has been progressing in bounds and leaps in the recent years. This has been made a success because of the advances that have been made in the computing industry and especially in artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence has been incorporated with facial recognition and is currently being used at the borders, to spot criminals, unlock smartphones, and also authenticate banking transactions. Some technology firms have claimed that they can also detect our emotions. From way back in the 1970’s, psychologists have been successful because of their ability to identify the hidden feelings of their clients. They are reported to study the micro-expressions on the faces of the clients keenly. Also, they are able to judge the emotions of a client in a video clip or a picture. Technology experts reported that High definition cameras and algorithms are capable of handling the process of detecting the emotions on a person’s face in a precise and faster manner. An expert in the video Surveillance industry in IHS Company, Oliver Philippou, explained that the technology has already taken over the industry and it’s frequently being applied in major commercial purposes.

Major stores and supermarkets can use the technology to precisely identify people. Such businesses can use the tech to analyze the consumers that visited the supermarket during work hours. The facial recognition technology can efficiently recognize people regarding gender, age as well as their basic moods on their faces. Additionally, it can assist with targeted product placement and marketing. Kantar Milward Brown, a marketing research agent, said that he consistently used technology to see the reactions of consumers to various adverts. He uses technology that is developed by a United States company called Affectiva. The managing director at Kantar Milward Brown, Graham Page, reported that they interview individuals, but they get much more shade by also observing their expressions. One can accurately see the part of an advert that amuses the consumer. You will be able to see the part that triggers them and how it works. As time progresses, emotion detection is underway that will be used to intensify security in various places.

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