The World Cup Matches Betting

World Cup Betting

The two tough Group C teams meet at their last fixture in the opening round at 10 am East African Time this coming Tuesday. The French team is at first place in the match with six points. Denmark comes second boasting of four points in the group. The game posted a +130 in terms of monetary value for Tuesday’s fixture in the event that France won the game. This automatically means that one would have to place a hundred dollars for French victory and you will earn one thirty dollars. Denmark stands at an odd of + 355 while the draw is at an odd of +155.

Before placing your bid to the bet, you need to lend an ear to the European football expert and commentator, David Sumpter. Sumpter has the relevant experience in applied mathematician who wrote the book Soccermatics. This is a book that speaks in depth of how mathematics works and fuses with soccer as a sport. David and some other analysts have in the recent past developed the dominant Soccerbot model. The model reads current odds and performance of the players, calculates vital metrics, and predicts future games. The model is considered by many to be very accurate as it has predicted the games in the last three seasons.

Recently, the model nailed draws for the Argentina-Iceland game in Russia. The odds were +385. Soccerbot also predicted Brazil-Switzerland +360 win. Moreover, it predicted that Senegal would beat Poland at an odd of +220. The Soccerbot has predicted the game between France and Denmark and has generated a money line that is extremely robust and that is available only at SportsLine. It continued and claimed that the two teams are capable in this 2018 Russia World Cup. The teams in Group C are highly motivated.

Furthermore, a draw would mean that Denmark would secure itself a slot at the Round of 16. However, a win to by Australia and France over a winless Peru would put Denmark in low hopes of qualifying for the round of 16. France, on the other hand, has seen itself proceed with victories of one goal except for their game between Australia that ended 2-1. In its opening match, it secured a 1-0 win over Peru. The goal scorer was Kylian Mbappe who tapped the ball into the net. Kylian Mbappe is second to the legendary Abedi Pele, who scored his first world cup goal at 17 years. Mbappe scored his first at the age of nineteen.

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