Vijay Eswaran: An Entrepreneur with a More Philosophical Outlook

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Entrepreneur Vijay Eswaran is a respected leader in the Indian business world. Originally Vijay began his career at IBM, and would go on to co-found the QI Group in 1998. Although Vijay Eswaran is an expert in financial services and direct sales, he is also known as a spiritual leader. Mr. Eswaran enjoys speaking about his former tribulations. He reminisces that success was practically an unattainable dream. In the beginning, he did not have colleagues, friends or relatives providing him with emotional support. Plus, he did not receive any funding from other agencies. During a period when Asia was experiencing severe financial problems, Vijay Eswaran continued to pursue his goal to become a successful entrepreneur.


Physical Life is an Impermanent Journey


According to Vijay Eswaran, author of the book “Two Minutes from the Abyss,” people ignore the reality that their lives are transient. No one knows what is going to happen today and whether tomorrow will exist. Vijay enjoys illustrating his 11 pillars of life management via personal stories. In “Two Minutes from the Abyss,” Vijay Eswaran motivates readers to live in the present moment. Vijay shared his notes related to “Two Minutes from the Abyss” so that his readers can understand how to make every minute count.


A Tibetan Monk Questions Life’s Fragility


Vijay Eswaran begins his teaching with a story about a Tibetan monk. The monk asked Mr. Eswaran’s guide a question. The young, inexperienced monk wanted to know if each person was on the brink of an abyss. Vijay suddenly understood that the monk had made his point in a poignant way. Indeed, every person is only two minutes from the abyss at any given moment. However, most people do not accept the concept that physical life is fragile. People can spend their lives in more meaningful ways if they embrace the fact that today is possibly the final day.

Every Moment Offers the Perfect Time to Transform Life


From the Lakota tribe in the United States to the Tartars of Crimea, the main philosophy was similar. Each tribe fostered the belief that the present moment is the perfect time to die. Of course, people do not wish to live their lives in constant remembrance of the reality that death is imminent. However, people need to accept the truth or else live their lives without any purpose. Living life with the knowledge and acceptance that the abyss is only two minutes away can help entrepreneurs reach their objectives.


Develop a Sense of Urgency


Developing a sense of urgency is tantamount to lighting a single candle in a dark room. It only takes the flame of a small candle to make an incredible transformation in a formerly dismal space. According to Vijay Eswaran, every person needs to cultivate a true sense of urgency. Living life in an urgent way means that every breath is filled with supernatural significance. Instead of meandering down a meaningless road, a person begins to run down the same road with true passion.


A Story about the Resolute Gazelle and a Single-Minded Lion


Developing a sense of urgency means that a person arises each morning sensing an invisible guiding light. Vijay illustrates his point with a description of the African gazelle. The determined gazelle wakes up in the morning with the inner realization that it needs to run faster than a lion or risk getting killed. Vijay goes on to explain that a purposeful lion also wakes up every morning with the knowledge that it needs to run faster than the gazelle or risk starving to death. Vijay writes that it makes no difference whether a person bears a closer resemblance to the gazelle or the lion. The main point of his story is that every individual needs to have the attitude of a marathon runner.


Vijay Eswaran Speaks from the Heart


In addition to his book “Two Minutes from the Abyss,” Vijay Eswaran has written several motivational books including “In the Sphere of Silence, “18 Stepping Stones, “In the Thinking Zone” and “On the Wings of Thought.” Filled with inspirational concepts, quotations and wise advice, the books strike a keynote for people who aspire to become successful.

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