Various Clubs Scouts an Eye at Egypt’s Trezeguet to see his Performance.

World Cup Tournament

Mahmoud has been tipped to be one of the most talented stars to watch out for during this year’s World Cup tournament. Last week’s performance left teams like Leicester and Everton on his radar. The 23-year-old played his heart out despite the 1-0 loss to Uruguay. He displayed a lively and charismatic performance. He showed the desire to take the fight to the opponents. He also displayed agility when tackling his opponent on the left flank. Trezeguet frequently tried to exploit the open space. The players enjoyed degrees of success as the majority of Egypt’s attack was channeled on the left.

However, Trezeguet lacked the composure and sort of quality that most people are used to see on Egypt’s opposite wing. With Liverpool’s forward Mohammed Salah on the bench, it was up to the youngster to try and deliver. It was no surprise as the winger repeatedly attempted to keep the ball inside the opponent’s box. Uruguay’s defense was hardened giving him no space to utilize and deliver the ball for scoring. At times he tried, and it worked, but the other times it didn’t. Trezeguet has however been criticized for tending to overplay the ball. This was proved in the 26th minute after his ball was intercepted and the opponent started charging towards their goal post. It only took two defenders to take the ball from him. It seemed that his enthusiasm to try and demonstrate a point was clouded with his quick decision when there were more options at hand.

Despite the unfazed setbacks, Trezeguet managed to persevere with his game plan. His direct running kept Uruguay defense up and running. He made them busy throughout the game. According to most people’s comments, it was the winger who kick started most of the teams’ promising attacks. He always kept picking up the play and swiftly charged forward on the left flank cutting inside whenever it was appropriate.

The game tried proving Trezeguet’s abilities. On the other hand, it effectively highlighted his remarkable pace that was unabashed with bravery, confidence and ability to kick-start a charging moment. On the one hand, it was a show that underpinned Trezeguet’s tendency to rush the game and overlook the most straightforward options and then concede possession in up-and-coming areas. With his performance, teams like Everton, Burnley and Leicester have developed some interest in him. They are yet to see how he performs in the rest of the matches.

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