Trump Tells Trudeau That the Canadians and the British Burnt down the White House

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US President Donald Trump has criticized the trade policies of the Canadian government against the US as unfair. Trump has also dismissed the Canadian dairy policy as a disgrace to the community of nations. This is after Canada responded to the Steel and Aluminum import tariffs imposed by the Trump administration. Now, President Trump has reportedly added a battle between these two countries that are two centuries old to his litany of complaints against the Canadian government. During a phone call conversation between the two leaders last month, Trudeau tasked the US president to explain how steel and aluminum import tariffs could be justified on the grounds of national security. However, Trump’s response shocked the world.

According to CNN, President Trump rhetorically stated that the British in collaboration with the Canadians burnt down the White House. Canadian officials did not respond to a request to comment on the issue. The white House press secretary also declined to offer any comment regarding the alleged question posed by Trump to the Canadian prime minister. The British forces burned down the White House in 1814. The attack was part of an invasion of the mid-Atlantic that failed terribly. This was more than five decades before the Canadian confederation was signed. The signing of the confederation paved the way for modern-day Canada. The British troops were successful in seizing Washington and burnt it to the ground.

However, they were not successful in taking one of their primary targets: Baltimore. This was after the British military was rebuffed in a battle that would come to be known as the battle of Fort McHenry. During the entire conflict, Canada served as one of the major battlegrounds. The war of 1812 was critical to the creation of Canada’s national identity. The comments by the US president come at a time when the tensions between Ottawa and Washington are at their highest in recent history. The tensions have been as a result of the failure by the US government to exempt Canada from the trade tariffs on Canadian aluminum and steel exports into the American market.

President Trump imposed the 10% additional duty on aluminum imports and a staggering 25% tariff on steel imports. The US president decided without the approval of the US Congress citing that the trade barriers were in the best interest of US’s national security. The Canadian have also responded with dollar-to-dollar import duty on American goods.

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