Singapore Summit: The best of Trump so far, against all Expectations


Before the famed Singaporean summit smoke dies down, it is important to analyze the diplomatic journey and capability that president Trump displayed in the course of handling the crisis. Whereas it was just but a beginning, it did paint another picture of the president, one that no one, right from the beginning, believed he could do. Even Mrs. Clinton was on record having accused him and being untrustworthy with the nuclear buttons of the country.

So has the president lived to disappoint his critics? Well, in the course of the crisis, the president has shown the best of his crisis-solving abilities. We haven’t seen the chest-thumping and insulting side of the president that we are used to. The great level of restraint that Trump has displayed is yet the best in his leadership of the country.

Trump, who had hinted tough measures of fire and fury on the ‘Little Rocket Man,’ seems to have softened up and even offered some checks and balances regarding understanding the genuineness of Jong Un. It was clear that he was not after a photo-opportunity because if he did, that was the most expensive ever, costing up to $20 million.

The president’s accolades upon the Korean dictator were proportionally great. He said that the dictator was smart and talented. So why praise a dictator that the world has been scolding ever since the start of his nuclear program? This points out towards a side of the president that we didn’t expect. It may have just been all because of the diplomacy that was the agenda of the day. The positive smear campaign sought to maintain the same level of trust that the two leaders held in the course of the planning of the summit.

Before heading to Singapore, the president was in Canada where he had held one final press conference with Trudeau. Whereas they agreed so well to cut on tariffs, he was backstabbed by his colleague while he was on the air to Singapore. It was this kind of backstabbing that Trump sought, seeks, and should seek to avoid at all cost when dealing with his colleague in North Korea.

It pays to recognize and accolade Trump for pulling off one of the greatest de-escalations of our time. Now the ball is on the court for all parties to play their roles well; for North Korea to make an about-turn, and for the US and the world to embrace a changing North Korea. If all goes well, Trump deserves huge adulations, as huge as the Nobel peace prize

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