Rachel Held Evans And Her Faulty Argument Against Pro-Life People

Pro-Life People, Rachel Held Evans

Rachel Held Evans, a progressive Christian writer, wrote a Twitter thread that showed just how ignorant and nonsensical her views are.

Her thread was about the fact that Roe v. Wade could soon be overturned, as a result of the fact that Justice Andrew Kennedy is going to be replaced, soon. In her posts, she made a lot of prejudicial, unjust insinuations about people who have pro-life views.

Evans claimed that pro-life people are pro-life for racist reasons. According to her, pro-life people are pro-life because they assume that stopping abortions will generally lead to more white babies. She went on to say that if pro-life people had the thought in their minds that stopping abortions would lead to more black babies, they would be pro-choice, instead.

It is actually pretty ridiculous to say this. After all, more abortions are of non-white babies than white babies. The fact that so many babies that get aborted are non-white is fishy—it reeks of genocide against non-white races of people. Pro-life people understand that millions of minorities are being exterminated via abortion, and that such a thing is a crime against humanity. This is why pro-life people are pro-life—because they care about minorities.

Also, the pro-choice movement has a very racist nature because it was founded out of racism. In the early 20th century, the family planning technologies that were coming out were specifically aimed at “undesirable” ethnic and racial groups in the United States.

It is wrong to say that pro-life people are pro-life for racist reasons because each person has his or her own viewpoint. Yes, there are some individual pro-lifers who are pro-life for the cause of there being more white babies around. However, a lot of pro-lifers are not pro-life because of that—they are pro-life for the sake of being pro-life. They are pro-life because they have a deep appreciation for every life, and it deeply disturbs them to see human beings murdered in the womb. A significant portion of pro-life people believe that life starts sometime in the womb, and that an offspring should not get cut out in a barbaric fashion.

There are plenty of white pro-life people who live in neighborhoods alongside other ethnic and racial groups of people. Of course, you do have individuals out there who freak out every time they spot a minority. However, there are a lot white pro-lifers who are actually very tolerant and nice.

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