A Middle-aged Man Stabbed in a California University

California University, Crime

A young student from the University of California has lost his dear life after he was stabbed in the student’s accommodation residence. The police reported that another man of similar age was arrested and that he will remain in custody as investigations start. The ordeal took place on Sunday last week. The heinous act was carried out at Sonoma State University. This is the place where law enforcement authorities discovered the lifeless body of the young man.

According to the firefighter, the student was found dead on the floor at around 6:00 PM. The Interim Chief of Sonoma State University, David Dougherty, shared a statement on the University’s website. He wrote that based on the information that they managed to get at that time, the police department concluded that there was no further evidence that the lives of the other students were at risk. The rest of the student’s population was safe and secure.

The police were confident that the two middle-aged men were students. However, they were yet to confirm whether they were students at Sonoma University or not. Police installed a Yellow police tape that prevented and warned the public from engaging in movements at the Alicante complex in Sauvignon Campus community. The police wished to keep the place where the incidence occurred free from the public to enable them carry a thorough investigation.

According to the University’s administration, the housing village was for the first-year students. The administration confirmed that Campus police, assisted by the Petaluma police department, were going on with the investigations. The incident occurred when the University was downing tools in preparation for their final examinations. Some students who were zealous in the preparation of the exam were unable to report back to their homes because of the thorough investigations that were being conducted.

The school administration delivered the students a message. It read that those students who felt they were not in a position to undertake their final exams because of the incidence should call the school administration to confirm this with immediate effect. The administration also confirmed that it would issue support services. This will include counseling and other therapies. It also said that meals would be available for the students and all other teaching staff. Also, alternative accommodation was offered by the school’s administration to those students that were unable to return home.
The administration confirmed that the University would remain open. Also, the final exams will commence as they were earlier planned.

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