Lewis Hamilton Wins France Grand Pix

France Grand Pix, Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton, the formula one superstar managed to claim his position even as chaos unfolded. He made it without being unharmed and swiftly cruised to the victory in the race that was organized in France. The result of the race saw Hamilton lead over formula one colleague Sebastian Vettel. Sebastian received a five-second penalty for causing carnage during the opening lap. The race was very comfortable for Hamilton from the start to the end. The victory wrapped up the day for England. Max Verstappen managed to climb two places on the player’s grid. He came second behind Lewis Hamilton. Kimi Raikkonen outclassed Daniel Ricardo in the dying lap to claim the third position.

Once again, the fourth position, Ricardo incurred mechanical issues which made him lack enough pace as the tournament went on. This left him dragging behind Lewis, max, and Kimi. He was not able to match the speed of Kimi’s Ferrari. After only two corners of the tournament, Vettel collected the left rear tyre of driver Valtteri Bottas with his car’s front wing leading to the first carnage of the race. The massive carnage prompted Bottas to spin off the race track. The domino effect saw Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon out of the first lap. The stewards of the race immediately punished Vettel with a five-second penalty for being the cause of the carnage and also for bringing out an early safety car.

After the race was over, the formula one legend Niki Lauda never held back his criticism of Vettel and the resultant crash. Luda reported that he never clearly understood why Vettel was punished for five seconds only for such an enormous mistake. The decision was still challenging for him to interpret. He said that the punishment was too small for such a mistake. He went on to reveal that he destroyed the race for Bottas and himself.

After the race restarted, driver Vettel swiftly started his flow towards the podium that saw him elevate up to the fifth place. However, something unfortunate transpired, Vettel tyres were tearing apart, and his opponents were threatening with supersonic speed. After the first carnage, the race missed any genuine moment. Ricardo made a minor moment by trying to hold back Raikkonen. Lewis Hamilton was impressed with the race, and he expressed his gratitude’s to his hardworking team together with his mother nation, England. He revealed that the weekend was thrilling and fan.

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