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Starting up and maintaining a successful business isn’t easy. It takes hard work, dedication, and know-how. Paul Herdsman has all three of those things, and it has served him well as co-founder and chief operating officer of NICE Global, a nearshore business solutions company that opened in 2014 and is locatedin Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Although Herdsman now resides in Florida, he was born in Kingston, Jamaica.

“I had no real experience with building a company there, how to manage the people there, or how the infrastructure would hold up to our needs,” Herdsman said. “In the end, everything worked out as planned and we couldn’t be happier with our decision.”

What NICE Global Can Provide

NICE Global can help companies who are interested in retaining more customers, having lower overhead, and boosting their revenue. They offer customer service outsourcing, technical support, after-hours support, back-officeoperations, outsourced email services, and company sales, including cross-selling and up-selling services.

In addition to that, there is a common complaint from customers across the United States that NICE Global can help alleviate. People hate calling a company and getting a machine that can’t seem to understand their vocal commands – they would rather talk to a live person because it cuts down on their frustration level. NICE Global can provide answering services, ensuring a company’s customers get to talk to a live operator every single time they call.

NICE Global’s success didn’t happen accidentally – it was a well-thought-outbusiness with a strong leader at the helm. Herdsman worked hard to co-found the company and help build it up to what it is today. Herdsman shared some of his keys to building a successful company and what makes NICE Global stand out in the crowd.

Create Culture

Happy employees who feel like they are part of a workfamily won’t feel the urge to move on. And high retention levels greatly benefit a company. It takes time and money to train new employees. Plus, repeat customers enjoy seeing the same faces or hearing familiar voices on a constant basis.

NICE Global cares about its employees and their growth – both personally and professionally. The company prides itself on creating a family feel in the office. Putting family first is a philosophy Herdsman, who is a married father of two, believes in strongly.

“There are two certainties in my daily routine – making sure I see my kids off to school and making sure I see my kids off to bed,” he said.

Invest In the Players

Hiring someone doesn’t do any good if a company intends to simply treat them as a warm body to fill a seat or a position. Smart businesses provide the proper training for employees sothey have all the tools they need to succeed and to do well for the company. No one enjoys that feeling of being thrown to the sharks instead of being trained properly.

Herdsman ensures all his employees have training initially when they first join the company. But the training doesn’t stop there because learning should be a lifelong endeavor. The company also provides opportunities for continuouseducation to help increase the skills of its employees.

Reward Employees for Performing Well

Anyone can punch a clock and kill time pretending to toil away until their work day is over. But that isn’t fair to the company or the other employees who work hard each day while they are on the clock.

To get around that problem, Herdsman’s company rewards their employees based on performance indicators – not how much busy work they can crank out.

“No one gets to the next level by winning the award for most emails sent or most presentations given, you get to the next level by getting results that move the company in the right direction,” Herdsman said. “Focus on what will drive that upward momentum, not on creating ‘busy’ work.”

Understand Everyone’s Positions

A good boss knows what each department does and all of its responsibilities, but it’s equally important for other employees to know everyone’s roles as well. That’s a lesson Herdsman learned early on in life, andit’s one he hasn’t forgotten.

“In my very first job out of college, my boss sent me around to every business unit and had me get a full breakdown of what they do and why they do it,” Herdsman said.

By ensuring everyone knows and respects the roles of each department, it creates a greater unity in the team and a well-oiled machine that is efficient.

Find the Best People

No one can take on the world or a booming business by himself. That’s where recruiting comes in handy. To be the best, a company should bring on the brightest talent it can find. To help land toptalent, Herdsman’s NICE Global has created an employee referral program.

And because NICE Global values that family vibe so much, it’s important to the company that any new potential employees be a good fit with the people they’ll be joining in the trenches. They have to be qualified and pass background checks. They’ll have a phone interview and a face-to-face interview.

Hiring the right people is critical because a businessman’s team can help him sink or swim. It can be a challenge for some bosses to let go of the reins, but it’s a crucial step to allow someone to step back, trust the talent they’ve hired, and find time to look at the bigger picture and growth.

“Holding on to certain responsibility too long was always my biggest challenge as a young entrepreneur. I’ve learned to hire people smarter than myself and truly trust them with the task at hand,” Herdsman said.

Solve a Problem For Clients

The best businesses are ones that solve problems for their clients because companies and people are constantly looking for a solution to their issues. Problem solvers will always rise to the top in the business world.

“Learn how to become a great problem solver,” Herdsman said, adding that a person can become a better problem solver by asking the right questions and including the right people in the conversation or the solution. “If you can become more refined with each question, it will lead to a more enhanced process to solving both easy and complicated problems.”


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