Jim Toner: Real Estate Investor Who Went From Zero to Millions

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Jim Toner is a real estate investor, radio show host, speaker, and consultant. Jim is an accomplished businessman who has been in the real estate world for over twenty-five years. His expertise in making real estate investments simple and easy for the general public has made him very popular and very rich. But more than anything else, Jim is a man who made it from zero to millions of dollars – and then he did it again. Here’s what happened.


In his “manifesto” called “Jim Toner is Dead,” Toner explained how he managed to overcome his failure. A while ago, Jim was making one million dollars a year. Unfortunately, due to a series of events, he went from a million dollar home, $80,000 car, and all that cash that was ready to be spent – to nothing. It all happened in 6 months, and his family had to leave their home and move to Arizona with nothing but their clothes and furniture. Even the car was gone so they had to use a rental one.


There he was again, starting all over with no money and no contacts. Jim was in the middle of bankruptcy and things seemed really bad. One day, Jim walked into the desert all alone, wondering how’s he going to get out of this. And then he heard the voice, the one we all have but we usually choose not to listen to it. The voice was telling him to do what he had taught thousands of people across the country.


Jim succeeded once again and made it big with no money and no credit whatsoever. After all, Toner was selling a story about how others can succeed and make money, so he listened to his own advice and proved he was right. Within months, Jim was making more money in a month than most people make in a year while sitting in a coffee shop in Arizona. It’s a rags to riches story but it’s 100% true. He wrote “Jim Toner Is Dead” for people who struggled as he did. Toner was right. He received many emails from people thanking him for helping them through the tough times.


The point is, no matter what you are going through, you can make it. With a right plan and determination, everyone can become successful. Like Jim says, financial wipeout is not fatal. People think that money is everything and if it goes away, you are done. This is how many rich and poor people feel. But it’s not true. According to Jim, money is easily replaceable. We shouldn’t think of money as our self-worth but rather as a tool. There is no shortage of money; there are just so many ways to get it. And if one of them fails, go to the next one, until one of them succeeds.


“Just Do It”

Like Nike says, we should all “Just Do It.” Jim admits that too many people are only thinking about implementing an idea and it often fades away due to inaction or they simply talk themselves out if it. Jim’s philosophy is that if it’s been done before, it can be done again. So why not see if you can do it? Instead of focusing on the negative thoughts and doubts, focus on the positive. You will always wonder what will happen if it doesn’t work, but what if it does? If you fail, you won’t lose anything because you never had it to begin with. And if you succeed, well, the world is yours.


There is a recipe Jim suggests everyone follows when it comes to business plans. First of all, find out what and who you need to get the plan in motion. Then, develop a flexible working model. Test it, study the results, adjust the plan and then test again. The repetition will give you the confidence you need to launch your project. Don’t forget that while many projects fail, some succeed. Failing is fatal, while winning can change your life. Jim Toner admits he wrote hundreds of radio ads to fill real estate investment seminars and many failed. However, the ones that worked have made him millions.

Giving as a Business Strategy

Jim Toner revealed a strategy that might be a bit weird for some people. According to him, one of your business plans should be giving away your money. This strategy, supported by Rockefellers and Carnegie, has been followed by the wealthiest people in the world for a long time.


Jim suggests you take a minimum of 10% of every dollar you earn and place it into a separate account that you will use only for giving. Make deposits as if this was a legitimate business deposit because, as Toner says, it is. Then use that money as you wish, as long as it benefits someone else. For example, you can use it to tip the staff at a restaurant or give it to the homeless people. The point is to give that money away without expecting it to return.


What happens next is inexplicable, and even Jim admits he stopped trying to figure it out long ago. However, he claims that giving away will return double and it will blow your mind when you realize it’s true. It sounds like magic, but the wealthiest entrepreneurs follow this strategy. You are helping those in need and it’s a good business strategy.


Finally, Jim’s advice is to read. Reading allows us to exit the vacuum of our own heads, but also, it allows us to learn from others. “You will be the same person five years from now as you are today except for the books you read and the people you meet,” said Charlie Jones, Toner’s mentor and he couldn’t agree more.

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