Jeremy Goldstein Wine Dinner event

Jeremy Goldstein: A Lawyer with a Philanthropic Mission


On Tuesday, May 22, 2018, Jeremy Goldstein hosted a wine dinner fundraiser featuring excellent Chateau Latour vintages satisfying the palate of every wine connoisseur. The wine dinner was organized to support Fountain House. The charitable organization was founded on the principle that men and women with various types of mental illnesses can recover. Featuring a delicious gourmet meal and distinguished wine selections, Jeremy Goldstein beckoned interested philanthropists to attend the exceptional wine dinner. The special wine dinner was also hosted by Jim Finkel and Omar Khan.

Jeremy Goldstein and Fountain House

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), mental illness is a modern crisis demanding humanitarian intervention. Jeremy Goldstein is a dedicated philanthropist who wants to make a difference. Statistics show that approximately 450 million people living in different countries across the globe are affected by mental illness. A person who is mentally incapacitated often finds it difficult to stay at a job for any length of time. Plus, the individual may have problems managing bank accounts and investments or even taking care of their personal needs. Fortunately, Fountain House has historically demonstrated that people with mental illnesses can live happy and productive lives.

A Brief History of Fountain House

Fountain House has supported people with mental disorders for more than seven decades. The organization was founded in 1944 by six patients residing at the Rockland State Hospital. The Orangeburg, New York, facility gave birth to the “We Are Not Alone” club. The group was able to gain financial support and purchased a New York City building in 1948. Thus, the tiny group of people created a permanent location for their club. The new location featured a garden with a fountain. Thus, the name of the organization became Fountain House. The building became a new home for a small group of determined people dedicated to their mission.

Fountain House has a Noble Purpose

At Fountain House, men and women with mental disorders learn how to give back to the local community. Jeremy Goldstein, a member of the Fountain House Board of Directors, works with a dedicated team to make a difference in the lives of people suffering from various mental afflictions. With the help of Jeremy Goldstein, Fountain House also operates mental health programs in various New York City locations. Focused on recovery as the ultimate goal, board members collaborate with people all over the world in an effort to make Fountain House the model for similar facilities. The main purpose is to help residents improve their lives so that they are able to fit in with other members of society.

Employment is an Important Objective

In the United States, 85 percent of people living with mental disorders do not have jobs. Yet 42 percent of Fountain House residents are employed. Thanks to the Fountain House Employment program, these employed individuals are able to earn more than $2 million in combined annual incomes while working for approximately 40 different companies in the New York metropolitan area.

Education, Health Care and Housing Initiatives

Fountain House offers education, health care and housing initiatives. Statistics show that 77 percent of Fountain House residents graduate from school. In comparison, individuals with mental health problems living in ordinary environments only have a graduation rate of 32 percent. Furthermore, only a small percentage of Fountain House members experience rehospitalization. Contrasting with the large percentage of mentally ill homeless people living in New York City, Fountain House offers an attractive home environment for people with mental disorders.

A Proven Model Based on Involvement with the Community

Fountain House has achieved success because of innovative initiatives and a main model upon which the foundation operates. The basic philosophy is that members are involved with the community on all levels. Working as a team, Fountain House residents strive to have greater self-esteem and new skills. Plus, members have opportunities to make friends, attend school and find good jobs. Every member is required to become a beacon within the community. Members join different branches resonating with their unique personalities and personal preferences.

Jeremy Goldstein and the board of directors designed an innovative program. Each member of Fountain House can choose to specialize in learning various tasks, including how to cook meals, grow various types of plants or communicate with community residents. Participating in the community enables Fountain House residents to feel significant within a society that often makes them feel small and insignificant. Members feel as though they are accomplishing important tasks when they participate in activities that change the local community in positive ways. Plus, their own personal lives become infused with self-confidence.

After working at Fountain House as a prerequisite, members have opportunities to find jobs at local companies and charitable organizations. Fountain House members have to compete with New York City residents who do not suffer from mental disorders. Nevertheless, ongoing support enables members to finish the process of applying and interviewing for jobs. The results are that many employers are willing to hire Fountain House members.

Additional Fountain House Programs

Jeremy Goldstein and the board of directors established several programs at Fountain House. The housing program enables 500 people to find decent housing. A health and wellness program serves more than 40,000 nourishing meals per year to members. Fountain House also has instructors offering free instructional classes regarding exercise, eating healthy meals and other helpful tips about healthy living. Fountain House has partnered with several agencies including the YMCA. Fountain House offers superior educational opportunities for people who cope with mental illnesses. Plus, the Fountain House Young Adult program focuses on helping younger members ranging from 18 to 30 years of age.

From New York City to a New Jersey Farm

Fountain House also owns High Point Farm located in Montague, New Jersey. The 5-acre farm is a gift from Karl Keller, the former treasurer of the board of directors. Several members spend time cultivating vegetables, fruit tress and flowers grown on two acres. In addition, members make their own apple cider.

Fountain House Success Stories

Managers of organizations in the United States and other countries are using the Fountain House model for their operational guidelines. In the United States, 32 states are already making use of the Fountain House model. In addition, the model is being implemented in 30 foreign countries. The innovative Fountain House model is currently providing services for more than 100,000 individuals.

The phenomenal success rate attributed to the Fountain House model is responsible for the organization’s many awards that include the 2014 Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize. The prize awards organizations offering substantial benefits to people experiencing constant suffering.

In addition to receiving many awards for its humanitarian achievements, the most important Fountain House success story focuses on the people who have been helped for the past 70 years. Fountain House has been recognized by individuals with tremendous influence in the health care field, including CEO Steven Hilton representing the Conrad Hilton Foundation. As the member of the board of directors at Fountain House since 2008, Jeremy Goldstein is proud of the organization’s numerous achievements.

Jeremy Goldstein Takes Pride in his Accomplishments

Jeremy Goldstein has worked as a business lawyer for more than 15 years. Jeremy Goldstein previously held a position as a legal partner at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz and at Shearman & Sterling LLP. In addition to specializing in mergers and acquisitions, Jeremy Goldstein excels in corporate governance.

Holding degrees from New York University School of Law, Cornell University and the University of Chicago, Jeremy Goldstein manages his own business called Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. The team at his boutique law firm provides legal advice about corporate matters to compensation committees, management teams and CEOs. Jeremy Goldstein and his business colleagues also specialize in advising CEOs about benefit plans for employees.

Jeremy Goldstein has had extensive experience in various corporate transactions occurring during the past decade, including Goldman Sachs et al./Kinder Morgan, Inc., Bank of America Corporation, Verizon, Chevron and Truven Health Analytics by IBM. Jeremy Goldstein is a prolific writer and speaker regarding corporate governance. Plus, Jeremy Goldstein holds a position as Chair of the Mergers & Acquisition Subcommittee of the Executive Compensation Committee of the American Bar Association’s business section.

Jeremy Goldstein is a distinguished member of the Professional Advisory Board of the NYU Journal of Law and Business. Jeremy Goldstein is also listed as a top executive compensation attorney in the Chambers USA Guide to America’s Leading Lawyers for Business. Additionally, Jeremy Goldstein has utilized his philanthropic efforts as a proud member of the new Leadership Council of Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Metro New York.

The wine dinner, held on Tuesday, May 22, 2018, hosted a reception that started at 6:45 p.m., which was followed by a delicious dinner served at 7:30 p.m. Attendees paid $3,700 per ticket and 100 percent of each donation was used to support Fountain House. The exclusive gourmet wine dinner featured various Chateau Latour wine vintages, including 1929, 1955, 1970 and 1990.

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