Italy’s Threat to scrap the Macron Meeting over a Migrant Boat Row


A meeting between the French president and Italy’s prime minister has been faced with a cloud of doubts. This is after an ugly quarrel that took place between the two nations over Rome’s snub to take in a migrant’s rescue ship. Giuseppe Conte, Italy’s prime minister, is set to hold talks with Emmanuel Macron, the French President, on the persisting issue of migration on Friday ahead of the European summit. This meeting has, however, been thrown into total doubt as the two nations trade points over the treatment of 600 migrants. These aliens were rescued on the Libyan coast during the weekend.

The refugees were saved after being stranded on a non-governmental organization ship named Aquarius. This persisted until Spain reported that the vessel could be allowed to land at its port in Valencia. The vessel is anticipated to arrive at the port on Saturday.French president made an accusation saying that Italy’s populist government was full of ‘cynicism and irresponsible.’ The Italian government closed their ports to the 629 migrants. Macron said that the actions taken by Italy did were unacceptable.

Italy’s foreign ministry summoned the French Ambassador in Rome on Wednesday. The ambassador was supposed to explain the statements made by his boss. Rome said that Macron’s statements had undermined the relations between the two countries. The influential Prime Minister Matteo Salvini reported that Conte’s meeting with the French president should be called off if France doesn’t issue an ‘apology.’

Matteo’s utterances were echoed by another Deputy Prime minister Luigi Di Maio. Luigi reported this on a Thursday morning meeting where Rome stated that it was eagerly in wait for an apology. However, the Italian minister of the economy was not going to be dragged into this scandal. He was shelving a meeting with his French counterpart in Paris. Sources reported that the two economy ministers were set to meet in the coming days.
French President said that the two nations shouldn’t allow being driven by emotions that most people were trying to implicate. Macron insisted that his country was working closely with Italy to handle the issue of migration. The president was giving this speech in a French town of Mouchamps.

Italy has filed a report saying that its EU counterparts have given up on her as she struggles to cope with the large numbers of migrants that consistently make journeys from Africa to Europe across the Mediterranean Sea. Italy has so far seen over 700,000 migrants at her shores from the year 2013.

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