IC Systems Focuses Their Attention On Customer Service

How Much Emphasis Does IC Systems Place on Consumer Experience?

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Though many people have found themselves a part of the collection process at one point or another, there is still a widespread lack of understanding as to how collection agencies function. Specifically, consumers find that they are unaware of how much priority is placed on their own experience, versus the experience of an agency’s client. If you find yourself in a position of being contacted by a collection agency, you may be pleasantly surprised by the lengths reputable agencies will go to ensure that consumers are handled fairly in all dealings.  A prime example of an agency that focuses on customer service is IC Systems, a leader in the accounts receivable field and a company with an enduring reputation for equitable treatment. Below you will find a closer look at their practices and the many ways in which it safeguards consumers in their efforts to achieve financial resolutions.


Company Origins


The first thing to understand about IC Systems is that its commitment to respectful conduct is a philosophy that has been hard-wired into the company since its founding in 1938. Based outside of St. Paul, Minnesota, the company still adheres to the legacies put in place by founders Ruth and Jack Erickson. In fact, the company is still family-run and is now on its third generation of family leadership. This respect for family values and ethical principles has helped the company find and stick to its moral compass during its eighty years of operation. Today, these principles are felt as strongly as ever.


Employee Conduct

As with most companies, the conduct of employees is a top-down proposition, meaning that those who are in leadership positions set expectations for all through their own actions. In this way, the above adherence to ethics and morality that is strongly felt by the company’s executives is spread through the organization in the many aspects of its business. This is evident in all of the company’s actions, from hiring practices to corporate responsibility initiatives. These practices so permeate the organization that they have even been set down in a collection of core values that help to act as guidelines for all company undertakings.

Of course, one of the most direct ways this commitment to morality is felt by consumers is in the conduct of the agents who are reaching out to them. It is of paramount importance to the company that all consumer contact, whether in writing or over the phone, is done in a courteous and respectful manner. To this end, the company regularly monitors and records communications in order to evaluate the conduct of its agents in all consumer interactions. These evaluations are given a great deal of weight and are performed by independent auditors tasked with ensuring that the company’s practices meet their consistently high ideals.


Data Protection


Another aspect consumers may be concerned about is the ways in which the company is safeguarding their personal information. After all, the company often deals with sensitive data that consumers rightly want to make sure is handled in a responsible manner. In these areas, consumers can be assured that security is highly prioritized throughout the company and many measures are put in place to make sure that consumer information is kept secret and safe. These protocols are in keeping with IC Systems long-held commitment to cutting-edge technological practices which, in these cases, help ensure that outside parties do not have access to internal records (https://twitter.com/icsystem).

As an example of the commitment that IC Systems places on security, consumers can look to the third-party auditors who regularly evaluate the company’s protocols to make sure they are keeping with the best practices available. These audits are conducted by FRSecure, which is a specialist in its field and is in no way connected to the operations of the company. These audits help show that the company is in compliance with a wide variety of security standards.

Some of these standards include those set forth by the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act, the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999, and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Red Flags Rule. Company practices are also in line with the PCI DSS Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard version 3.2.


Licensing and Bonding

Along with a commitment to auditing and security, the company also maintains a focus on licensing and bonding to ensure it can operate in all fifty states. This allows consumers to be confident that the company is qualified to handle their case even if they have moved out of the state in which their account was created. This focus is in stark contrast to other companies in the industry who may have been found to be operating outside of their licensed area. Such practices are not only illegal, they can open up the company in question to legal ramifications.

This commitment to appropriate licensing ensures that all collection efforts are conducted in a legal manner. It also further underscores the commitment to respectful treatment that permeates the company. As is the case with its focus on agent conduct and third-party security evaluation, the company works hard to make sure that consumers can trust it in all aspects of the collection process.

Since some consumers have had less-than-positive experiences with a collection agency in the past, many are rightfully concerned when contacted by a collection agency. The natural inclination in these situations is to look for information as to the reputability of a specific company and to learn more about what to expect throughout the collection process. In these areas, as well as others, IC Systems has served as a leader in the field for the eighty years of its operations (Bloomberg). With a tireless commitment to ensuring high-quality service to all parties involved in the collection process, they have time and again earned the trust of consumers and clients alike. With the above information serving as a brief overview as to the company’s practices to safeguard consumer interests, you can rest assured that your needs will be duly prioritized while all involved work towards a financial resolution.

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